The Purchasing Division assists all City departments in the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment, and services at the best value and consistent with the Illinois Compiled Statutes and the City’s Procurement Code. All procurement decisions are in the best interest of the City through intelligent action and fair dealings, resulting in obtaining maximum value for the City.

The primary goals of the City’s procurement program are:

  • To comply with the legal requirements of public procurement and purchasing;
  • To assure vendors that fair and equal treatment is afforded to all who wish to do business with the City;
  • To receive maximum value for each dollar spent by awarding the contract to the lowest responsible bidder, taking into consideration quality, performance, technical support, delivery schedule, past performance, and other relevant factors;
  • To provide City departments the required goods, equipment and services at the time and place needed and in the proper quantity and quality;
  • To promote environmentally safe products and services while taking into consideration factors such as price, performance, availability, and safety;
  • To promote sound and useful vendor relations, cultivated by informed and fair buying practices and strict maintenance of ethical standards; and
  • To maximize the value of public funds in procurement, and to provide safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity.


The mission of the purchasing manager is to procure quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to provide the best service to the public while ensuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors.


The vision of the purchasing manager is to enable user departments to better serve the City’s businesses and residents by obtaining the services, supplies, and construction when needed and at the best value to the City.


  1. Customer Service Orientation
  2. Protection of the Taxpayers Interests
  3. Collaboration, Inclusiveness, and Responsiveness
  4. Proactive and Data Driven
  5. Respect for Vendors
  6. Commitment to Diversity and Sustainability
  7. Professional Integrity, Courtesy, Fairness Objectivity, and Accountability


Elected and appointed officials and employees of the United City of Yorkville agree to:

  1. Avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions, and communications.
  2. Demonstrate loyalty to the United City of Yorkville by diligently following the lawful instructions of the employer, using reasonable care and only authority granted.
  3. Refrain from any private business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the City of Yorkville.
  4. Refrain from soliciting or accepting money, loans, credits, or prejudicial discounts, and the acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favors, or services from present or potential suppliers that might influence, or appear to influence purchasing decisions.
  5. Never discriminate unfairly by the dispensing of special favors or privileges to anyone, whether as payment for services or not; and never accept for himself or herself or for family members, favors or benefits under circumstances which might be construed by reasonable persons as influencing the performance of governmental duties.
  6. Engage in no business with the City of Yorkville, directly or indirectly, which is inconsistent with the conscientious performance of governmental duties.
  7. Handle confidential or proprietary information belonging to employer or suppliers with due care and proper consideration of ethical and legal ramifications and governmental regulations.
  8. Never use any information gained confidentially in the performance of governmental duties as a means of making private profit.
  9. Promote positive supplier relationships through courtesy and impartiality in all phases of the purchasing cycle.
  10. Know and obey the letter and spirit of laws governing the purchasing function and remain alert to the legal ramifications of purchasing decisions.
  11. Expose corruption wherever discovered.
  12. Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust.


The United City of Yorkville is always looking for qualified vendors to provide goods and services at the most favorable prices, as this will continue to ensure that the City’s taxpayers are receiving the maximum value for their tax dollars. Click here to fill out the eNotification information to receive notifications of bidding opportunities. You can also email your information to cparker@yorkville.il.us.


For BIDs/RFPS Listings click here


Purchases for goods or services should be competitively bid based on the requirements established in the City’s procurement code.

  1. For the purposes of competitive bidding, these purchases are those that are nonroutine and non-day-to-day in nature.
     The purchasing requirements should apply to all leases, where the City is the lessee, where the total amount of the lease payments should be construed as the total purchase amount.
  2. No purchases should be split into parts for the purpose of avoiding the provision of the otherwise applicable bidding requirements.
  3. Any agreement or collusion among bidders or prospective bidders in restraint of freedom of competition by agreement to bid a fixed price, or otherwise, should render the bids of such bidders’ void.
  4. Bulk purchases, interdepartmental and intergovernmental purchases are encouraged in order to take advantage of quantity discounts.


The City advertises all formal procurements over twenty-five thousand ($25,000) at least (10) days prior to the bid opening date, except where otherwise provided for in the Procurement Code. The advertisement shall include a general description of the goods and/or services to be purchased or sold and shall state the time and place of bid opening.

  • Online Bidding Portal: All bids and RFPs are posted on DemandStar.com, the City’s online bidding service provider. Visit DemandStar to view what is currently advertised and for more information about how to subscribe.
  • Newspaper: a legal notice inviting vendors to submit bid proposals shall be published in the legal section of the Thursday Kendall County Now at least (10) days prior to the bid opening date for all formal procurements over twenty-five thousand ($25,000) except where otherwise provided for in the Procurement Code.
  • Website: a legal notice inviting vendors to submit bid proposals shall be posted on the City’s website at least (10) days prior to the bid opening date for all formal procurements over twenty-five thousand ($25,000) except where otherwise provided for in the Procurement Code.


The United City of Yorkville uses DemandStar to submit and track bids and RFPs electronically -- no printing or mailing needed. Get started now by registering with DemandStar.

Helpful guides:


How to attend public bid openings:

  • Watch the webinar live at Public Bid Openings. You will see the staff members and other participants who are attending remotely. Once the Purchasing Manager joins the webinar, the bid openings will begin. If you access the video webinar on a smart phone, you will be prompted to download the Zoom app.
  • Join our meeting by phone call. Call (312) 626-6799 just prior to the meeting. When prompted, enter passcode 833 4196 0409 from your phone. You will hear the audio of the meeting through our webinar service.


The United City of Yorkville uses DemandStar to submit and track bids and RFPs electronically. All results for any bids or RFPs can be found through the DemandStar.


As a municipality in the state of Illinois, the United City of Yorkville is subject to the Prevailing Wage Act. A contractor or subcontractor doing work for the City is required to pay not less than the prevailing wage to all laborers, works, and mechanics engaged in the construction or demolition of public works. Construction means all work performed on public works by laborers, workers or mechanics and includes maintenance work.

Effective June 1, 2019, local governments no longer need to approve an annual prevailing wage ordinance. The prevailing wage schedule, published on the Illinois Department of Labor’s (IDOL) website, will automatically set the applicable wage rates for each local government. The Illinois Department of Labor publishes the current prevailing wage rates for all 102 Illinois counties, including Kendall. Please refer to the current prevailing wages in Yorkville below:


It is the policy of the State of Illinois that a wage of no less than the general prevailing hourly rate as paid for work of a similar character in the locality in which the work is performed, shall be paid to all laborers, workers and mechanics employed by or on behalf of any and all public bodies engaged in public works.

The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) has activated an electronic database (Payroll Portal) capable of accepting and retaining certified payrolls submitted under the State of Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS/130/1).  All contractors and subcontractors completing work for City pursuant to the Act must submit all certified payroll through the IDOL Payroll Portal.

Any contractor or subcontractor subject to this Act and any officer, employee, or agent of such contractor or subcontractor whose duty as such officer, employee, or agent it is to file such certified payroll who willfully fails to file such a certified payroll on or before the date such certified payroll is required by this paragraph to be filed and any person who willfully files a false certified payroll that is false as to any material fact is in violation of this Act and guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. (820 ILCS 130/5(2)).

Effective September 1, 2020, to receive payment for work conducted for the United City of Yorkville, contractors must provide the email certification received from their IDOL submittal and any subcontractors working on the project with each of their pay requests. 

A contractor or subcontractor convicted or found guilty under Section 5 or 6 of this Act shall be subject to an automatic and immediate debarment, thereafter prohibited from participating in any public works project for 4 years, with no right to a hearing (820 ILCS 130/11a). 


Requests for disposal of City surplus property should be forwarded to the purchasing manager for review and processing. Every attempt should be made to transfer any unused item within the City to another department prior to the sale or disposal of any City property.

Note: Employees and members of their immediate families are prohibited from purchasing City property through a private transaction.

Disposal of Surplus Equipment, Vehicles, and Supplies: The purchasing manager should be responsible for the sale or disposition of surplus items by a method or methods deemed by the purchasing manager to be in the best interests of the City, including, but not limited to: 

  1. Competitive sealed bidding; 
  2. Public auction; 
  3. Electronic auction; 
  4. Trade-in, when the purchasing manager determines the trade-in value is expected to exceed the value estimated to be obtained through the sale of such supplies; or 
  5. Disposal, when the purchasing manager determines that surplus supplies have no resale value, or that the cost of transportation, storage, and sale of said supplies will exceed the anticipated sale value. 

Surplus Real Property: Upon the council of trustee’s determination that continued ownership of any parcel of real estate is no longer necessary, appropriate, required for the use of, profitable to, or for the best interests of the City, the council may authorize by resolution or ordinance the sale or conveyance of such real estate. Such sale or conveyance should be conducted in accordance with 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-76-2 or 5/11-76-4.1, as amended unless otherwise determined by the council of trustee’s authorizing resolution or ordinance. No sale or conveyance should be deemed authorized except as provided in the authorizing resolution or ordinance.