Integrated Transportation Plan

As the city's population continues to soar, it is imperative for Yorkville to plan future alternative transportation facilities. In 2004, the Illinois Department of Transportation awarded the United City of Yorkville funds to complete an Integrated Transportation Plan. This plan outlines important community issues such as:
  • Helping to provide improved public access and mobility
  • Impact on economic opportunities
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Transportation

Project Consultants

This past year the City hired SEC Group, Inc. as consultants for the project.

Process of the Project

The focus of Yorkville's Integrated Transportation Plan is 2-fold. The 1st step is identifying and prioritizing important trail linkages. Secondly, the project will address how the trail system will move through Yorkville's downtown and the streetscape elements (such as pavement elements, lighting, benches, etc.) necessary to make Yorkville's downtown pedestrian friendly and inviting.

Environmental Concerns

The United City of Yorkville is environmentally conscious and is currently looking for ways to conserve, reuse and recycle. The concept of alternative transportation fits into our blueprint. Alternative transportation has become increasingly important to the Yorkville community as gas prices continue to rise and the need to conserve energy becomes necessary. A trail network will provide Yorkville residents with the ability to walk or cycle to destinations such as school, work, shopping centers, or parks in addition to providing recreational cycling throughout Yorkville and Kendall County. An important component of the Integrated Transportation Plan is Yorkville's downtown area.

Community Revitalization

The Integrated Transportation Plan is important to the revitalization of Yorkville's downtown area. A pedestrian-friendly environment will not only rejuvenate the downtown area, but will create Yorkville as a destination for residents, visitors and recreational enthusiasts as a great place to live, work and play.

Reasons for an Integrated Transportation Plan

During a 2007 Parks and Recreation Department Survey (PDF), 53% of Yorkville residents rated bike trails as one of the most desired facilities, and 83% of residents felt that bike trails were an important offering of the Parks and Recreation Department. As a result, the City conducted a new survey focusing on trails and non-vehicular modes of travel. The results will be used to determine and implement ideas and strategies to improve bicycle and pedestrian transportation locally and regionally.

Community Involvement

Public Workshops

The last public workshop was held on Thursday, May 14, 2009. Attendees provided input on what trail locations were priorities to the City and indicated their preference of streetscape elements. For more information, the following documents are available for review:
Task Force Committee Meetings
There were 4 task force committee meetings held throughout the public involvement process. The final meeting was held in April 2009.

Staying Informed
Residents are encouraged to review the goals and objectives of the Integrated Transportation Plan and to keep up with the latest news via the Connections Newsletters.