Community Development

The primary focus of the Community Development Department is to ensure that all proposed new developments are consistent with the overall development goals of the City. Emphasis is placed on planning and economic development strategies to promote a diversified tax base ensuring an economically sustainable future as the city grows.

The Community Development Department is responsible for community development, city planning, zoning regulation, and building code enforcement for the city. The department also provides staff support to the City Council, Plan Commission and Park Board and assists in the review of all development plans proposed within the United City of Yorkville. Other staff functions involve public hearings for zoning amendments, variances, special use permits, along with subdivision platting and city mapping.

The Department is committed to providing excellent community service for the planning and development process, and to creating high quality development that furthers the Comprehensive Plan and community goals, enhances open space and recreation, and fosters sound economic development.

Community Development Department Goal

The goal of the Community Development Department is to develop plans and policies which will guide the growth and development of the United City of Yorkville ensuring a high quality of life for all residents and an attractive location for all businesses. Additional goals include the following:
  • To provide assistance to citizens, Council, developers and agencies in making informed decisions regarding the development of the City
  • To provide excellent customer service to applicants and the general public for all matters relating to the development process
  • Coordinate development activity to ensure development occurs in a manner consistent with stated community vision and direction
For additional information you can contact Krysti Barksdale-Noble, Community Development Director at 630-553-8573.