FAQ's & Public Feedback


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why does the 2018 Building Code no longer have a Pool and Spa section?

Answer: As of 2018 the ICC has printed the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code. This is a comprehensive guide to all the requirements for any swimming pool or spa.

Question: Will the use of nonmetallic sheathed wire (Romex) still be allowed under the 2018 ICC Codes?

Answer: Yes. Romex will still be allowed in all residential applications in the City of Yorkville.

Question: Does the 2018 International Energy Code require me to use spray foam insulation?

Answer: No, the 2018 IEC Code still allows the builder to choose the material to meet the requirements of the Code.

Question: Will I need to add fire sprinklers to my commercial building after the new Code is adopted?

Answer: In the current proposal the requirement for all commercial buildings to be retro fit with fire suppression has been amended out. The only time an existing building would be required to add fire sprinklers would be if the use of the building is being changed.

Question: If I remodel my home does the whole house have to meet the current code?

Answer: No. During the construction process all the new work will need to meet the current code. Any other portions of the structure would be covered under the 2018 International Existing Building Code.

Public Feedback

The public is encouraged to propose changes and provide feedback on recommended code language. Proposals, comments and written questions will be accepted up to August 23, 2019. Any specific proposals for changes to the code must be submitted using this form and be accompanied by sufficient supporting material to allow for proper technical review and consideration. Those proposing changes to the code may also request to make a presentation at the open house and/or during the public hearing.

Written proposals can be submitted to:

Peter Ratos, Building Code Official

Building Safety & Zoning Division

United City of Yorkville

800 Game Farm Road

Yorkville, Illinois 60560

Email: pratos@yorkville.il.us

Fax: 630-553-7264