Building Safety & Zoning

The United City of Yorkville Building Safety and Zoning Department is ready to help when you have a project to complete. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor when questions arise you can call 630-553-8545. In addition to building permits, Building Safety and Zoning is responsible for a variety of other services including the following:
  • Zoning reviews of all plans including commercial, residential, industrial and miscellaneous permits such as signs, decks, fences, and pools.
  • A list of mandatory inspections for single-family and commercial construction is available by contacting 630-553-8545.
  • Property standard inspections including but not limited to weeds, debris, exterior structures etc.
  • Courtesy meetings with homeowners to discuss problems or answer preconstruction questions.
  • Meet with new builders and contractors to discuss their projects and the department expectations as it pertains to the building code.

Building Permit Information

If you are considering improvements to your home or property, you should know that virtually every enhancement requires a building permit

Please note:  Permit Applications generally take 7-14 days to complete a review.  If changes are required, this process could take longer.

Zoning Enforcement

Through zoning, the city regulates building size, population density and the way land is used. Zoning is an instrumental tool for carrying out the city's planning policy.

Zoning is applied to preserve, protect and strengthen the city's neighborhoods. It implements the city's land use policies to protect the harmony and stability of residential and business areas. Zoning makes certain the requirements for a property are abided by, such as building setbacks, allowable signage and locations of accessory structures and rules of the Zoning Code are being adhered to.

2018 International Property Maintenance Code

The United City of Yorkville has adopted codes and ordinances that are intended to improve and protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. These ordinances seek to promote a desirable neighborhood living environment and preserve property values. You can contact the Department of Building Safety if you have any questions or to report any violations in your neighborhood. Your call will be handled confidentially. Please view our Violation Complaint Procedures (PDF).


  • Accumulation of Rubbish: All exterior property and premises, and the interior of every structure, shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.
  • Motor vehicles: Except as provided for in other regulations, no inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair or in the process of being stripped or dismantled.
  • Sanitation: All exterior property and premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.
  • Weeds: All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 8 inches. All noxious weeds shall be prohibited.