Here is a list of common ordinances enforced by the Police Department. For a complete list of City Ordinances, please access the City Code Book.

False Alarm Ordinance
  • This ordinance is for both business and residential alarm systems within the United City of Yorkville (5-6-1 and 5-6-2)
Dog/Animal Ordinances
  • Collar and Tags (5-2-4)
  • Dangerous/Vicious Domestic Animals (5-2-4)
  • Disturbing the Peace (5-2-4)
  • Dog/Animal Waste (5-2-4)
  • Rabies Inoculation (5-2-4)
  • Resisting/Interfering with Officers (5-2-6)
  • Running at Large (5-2-4)
Domestic Animals/limitations On Quantity
  • Per Sec. 10-2-3: Any lot or premises or portion thereof on which more than 4 dogs, cats, and other household domestic animals, over 4 months of age, are kept for sale, or on which more than 2 such animals are boarded for compensation constitutes the appropriate zoning for "Kennel, Commercial".
Parking Regulations - Additional
Some of our additional parking regulations include the following. For all additional parking regulations, refer to Title 6, Chapter 1, Section one of the Code Book.
  • Beecher Community Building
  • City Parkways
  • Detached Non-Motorized Vehicles
  • Sidewalk, Parking On/Blocking
  • Snowfall, Parking After 2"
  • Towing Illegally Parked Vehicles
  • Two-Hour Parking Limits on Bridge Street (Route 47) and Van Emmon Street
  • Commercial Vehicle Parking (6-2-6)

Parking Regulations - Designated Streets
Here are a few roadways that have additional parking regulations. All specific roadway regulations are located in Title 6, Chapter 2, Section 2 of the Code Book.

  • Alan Dale Lane (Faxon to Alice)
  • Autumn Creek Boulevard (During April-July)
  • Beaver Street
  • Center Street, West
  • Church Street
  • Colonial Parkway
  • Fairfax Way (47 to Richmond)
  • Hillcrest Avenue
  • John Street, West
  • Kennedy Road (Prairie Meadows Subdivision to Route 47)
  • King Street
  • Main Street, West
  • Marketplace Drive (Route 34 to McHugh Road)
  • McHugh Road
  • Mill Street (Route 126 to Walter Street)
  • Mill Street (Van Emmon Street to Fox Street)
  • River Street
  • Route 34, US
  • Route 47, IL (at Cannonball Trail)
  • Route 47, IL (W.Main Street to W.Center Street)
  • Somonauk Street
  • Sycamore Street
  • Van Emmon Street
  • Walnut Street
Public Health
  • Noise Ordinance (4-4-3)
  • Open Burning (4-1-1)
Yorkville's soliciting regulations include the following points. (All regulations can be found in Title 3, Chapter 7 of the Code Book:)
  • Required to Carry/Post Permit
  • Time Limit on Soliciting (depending on license type)
  • Uninvited Soliciting
  • Unlicensed Solicitors/Hawkers
  • Unsupervised Solicitors/Under 14
The full Tobacco ordinance can be found in Title 3, Chapter 8.
  • Possession by Underage Person Prohibited
  • Purchase by Underage Person Prohibited
Towing Vehicles
Yorkville allows for the towing of vehicles based on an arrest. For the full ordinance, visit Title 6, Chapter 5 of the City Code Book.
  • $500 Impound Fee (Cash Bond) for Towed Vehicles Based On an Arrest
  • Air Rifles
  • Bows, Arrows, Knives in City Parks
  • Discharging Firearms in City Parks