Victim/Witness Assistance

It is the policy of the Yorkville Police Department to recognize the importance of victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system and that police personnel are often the first line of support for victims of criminal activity. The Yorkville Police Department will make every reasonable effort to protect the personal rights and safety of victims or witnesses, provide fair, professional treatment to victims and witnesses of criminal activities and assist them in finding support services.

725 ILCS 120/4 sets forth that any law enforcement agency that investigates an offense committed in this State shall provide a crime victim with a written statement and explanation of the rights of crime victims within 48 hours of law enforcement's initial contact with a victim. The statement shall include information about crime victim compensation, including how to contact the Office of the Illinois Attorney General to file a claim, and appropriate referrals to local and State programs that provide victim services. The content of the statement shall be provided to law enforcement by the Attorney General. Law enforcement shall also provide a crime victim with a sign-off sheet that the victim shall sign and date as an acknowledgement that he or she has been furnished with information and an explanation of the rights of crime victims and compensation set forth in the Act.

Crime Victim's Rights in Illinois Brochure

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Crime Victims Compensation Application

Crime victim compensation application