Traffic Information

The safety and security of our motoring public is a top priority of the Yorkville Police Department. Our goals are threefold:

  1. Reduce personal injury and property damage crashes
  2. Enhance traffic education and understanding
  3. Deter traffic violations and crime through visibility and increased presence

The Yorkville Police Department actively responds to ongoing traffic complaints or concerns within the City. If you believe that there is a reoccurring traffic problem in your neighborhood, please complete the form below. Your request will be prioritized based on the availability of our resources.

To report a traffic concern, please click on the link below

Click here 

Additional Traffic Resources & Information

LexisNexis is an internet based application that was developed to help parties involved in crashes, law enforcement agencies and insurance companies access reports in a more efficient manner. Now you can access your reports over the internet, print out a free driver's exchange, or create an account and purchase the full report by following these instructions:

To obtain a copy of your crash report online:

  1. Go to the LexisNexis website.
  2. Select the "search" button
  3. Input the crash data from the report that you are searching for and click the "search" button
  4. If a report is found, select the "add to cart" button
  5. Login or create an account
  6. If a Drivers Exchange report is available, a Free Drivers Exchange link will be shown. Select the "add to cart" link
  7. The user should enter the data requested on the Verification Page and select "submit". The Date of Birth is required for an involved party to get a Free Drivers Exchange report. The Drivers Exchange report will be added to your shopping cart.
  8. Select the "view cart" button. Review your order and select the "checkout" button.
  9. Provide your reference number and billing information if applicable, select "continue"
  10. Select the "purchase and download report" button
  11. Select "view report" and the Drivers Exchange report will open as a PDF in a new window

For customer service assistance, please call the LexisNexis support line at (866)215-2771 or by email to

Driving Safety Reminders

Moped & Motorcycle Laws

Speed Monitoring Devices

The Yorkville Police Department utilizes Speed Monitoring Devices and a Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) to assist in providing traffic related data and deliver awareness and safety messages. Requests for a speed monitoring device should be made utilizing the Citizen Traffic Concern Form.

Winter Driving Reminders