Administrative Hearing

  1. The Procedure
  2. Attending a Hearing
  3. The Hearing Process
  4. The Decision
A City Inspector, Cadet, Community Service Officer, or a Police Officer may issue a ticket, notice of violation, or file a complaint against an individual. There are 2 types of citations, a "P" ticket or an "N" ticket. The "P" ticket will have a fine and a hearing date/time listed at the bottom. The recipient can choose to plead liable and pay the fine prior to the hearing date/time, or appear at the hearing. If issued an "N" ticket, the recipient will be required to attend the listed hearing date/time, as it is a required mandatory appearance. Anyone who cannot speak English must bring someone to assist them.

A continuance is not allowed unless the Hearing Officer finds good cause. Lack of preparation is not considered good cause. If an individual, or their representative, fail to appear for the scheduled hearing on cases other then parking and equipment violations, they may be found in default, and the Hearing Officer may conduct the hearing in their absence.