Identify Theft/Scam Alert

Identity Theft

Stealing someone's identity to buy everything from cars, consumer goods, and mortgages, while leaving the victim's credit rating in ruins is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. The Yorkville Police Department can assist by providing tips and information that will help keep you from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Please visit the following websites for further information:

Additional Resources is the federal government's one-stop resource for identity theft victims. The site provides streamlined checklists and sample letters to guide you through the recovery process. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website also provides a list of prevention tips and free resources. Additional resources from the FTC can be found here

For additional information on SCAMS and FRAUDS visit the Illinois Attorney General Office web-site resources:

Helpful Identity Theft Prevention Tips

  • SAFEGUARD YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Never carry your card with you. Do not put your SSN on your checks or other documents. Only use the last 4 of your SSN on medical documents.
  • DESTROY PRIVATE RECORDS AND STATEMENTS. Shred all mail, expired credit cards, etc., with personal information on it. Don't just tear up the mail, shred it.
  • SECURE YOUR MAIL. Empty your mailbox quickly every day or get a post office box so criminals can't access your private mail. Never mail outgoing bills or personal items in your home mail, take them directly to the post office to be mailed.
  • KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. Whenever anyone contacts you asking for private identity or financial information, make no response other than to find out who they are and what company they are representing.  NEVER provide personal information over the phone to anyone unless you know who they are.
  • MONITOR YOUR CREDIT REPORT.  Obtain and thoroughly review your credit report.  You can get a free copy every year from the credit monitoring companies.   Review at least once a year for any suspicious activity.  Credit protection services will help in keeping your identity and credit more secure.
  • REVIEW YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS.  Make sure you review your credit card statements monthly.  Pay attention to the billing cycles.  If bills or your financial statements are late, contact the lender.
  • SAFEGUARD YOUR HOME COMPUTER.  Install firewalls and virus-detection software
  • CREATE COMPLEX PASSWORDS.  Change your passwords if a company that you do business with has a breach of its databases.