Population Statistics

Yorkville has seen substantial growth over the past 20 years. Click on the picture to the right to take a look at how the City has grown over time. You can scroll through year by year and see how each subdivision developed. 

All of the data illustrates when residential dwelling unit permits were issued. From this information, we can estimate and project the current and future population.

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The City of Yorkville has seen its share of growth and decline over the past 2 decades. As shown in the chart below, Yorkville was one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state in the early 2000’s. It was part of the housing market boom that made Kendall County the fastest growing County in the nation. Unfortunately, as the housing bubble burst, the decrease in residential development was dramatic. 

After the recession in 2008, Yorkville kept consistent numbers in the housing development market during the recovery. All of these dwellings built between 2009 and 2015 were detached single-family homes. In 2016, the City started to see an uptick in its residential development as not only more single-family homes were built, but a multi-family age targeted structure was built (Anthony’s Place). The diversity in the housing stock continued at the end of the decade as more townhomes and single-family homes were erected.

Dwelling Unit Graph 2023