School District Area
The Yorkville Community Unit School District #115 covers 85 square miles in Kendall and Kane Counties in Illinois. The district serves students from the cities of:
  • Bristol
  • Montgomery
  • Oswego
  • Plano
  • Yorkville
Student Population & Environment
The 5,000 plus students in grades pre-kindergarten to 12th attend school in a clean and safe educational environment. District #115 offers a unique combination of formal education within a personalized environment and ensures that curriculum and technology are continuously upgraded to meet the needs of the students.

District Office Location
The district office is located at 602A Center Parkway in Yorkville. For more information, call 630-553-4382.

Passed Referenda & District Improvements
Thanks to a very supportive community, 2 referenda passed in 2002, and 2 more in 2006 allowed the district to:
  • Add additional staff
  • Offer more programs
  • Open a 33,000 square foot addition to the high school
  • Add a new Intermediate School for 750 students in grades 4 - 6 which opened in the fall of 2004
  • Add 5 classrooms to Bristol Grade School, housing students in grades K - 3
New Schools & Renovations
  • Thanks to a joint agreement with the developers of Grande Reserve, a new Elementary School was built at no cost to the taxpayers and opened in August 2006.
  • In the fall of 2007 District 115 opened another new elementary school for 650 prekindergarten to 6th grade students at Bristol Bay, also constructed through an agreement with the developers who put $6 million towards that effort.
  • Additionally in 2009, another prekindergarten  to 6th grade elementary school at the Autumn Creek subdivision opened to stay ahead of a growing student body and keep the student/teacher ratio low.
  • The Yorkville High School Academy was opened in the fall of 2008 and houses the entire freshman class in the original high school building that has been reconstructed to meet the needs of the new advanced freshman high school curriculum.
  • Yorkville Grade School and Circle Center Grade School were both completely renovated with new paint, air conditioning, new lighting, and flooring in 2007.
  • Passage of the building fund referendum in 2006 also allowed the District to build a new middle school for 1,000 students in grades 7 and 8 in the Raintree subdivision located south of town, where enrollment exceeded 800 students.
Modern Environment & Technological Additions
The school district is committed to preparing students to live and work in a technological society. In this information age, basic skills are extended to include the ability to solve problems, think critically, and communicate effectively. All the buildings are modernized and climate controlled. Every district building has tremendous technological access. The district's administration has aligned the curriculum to emphasize diversified learning and is proud of the innovative approaches of the staff. By focusing on the curriculum, learning environment and staff development, District #115 guarantees that a student's educational goals are met in a quality learning environment.

Board of Education
The Board of Education, comprised of 7 elected members from the community, represents the interests of the citizens of the school system. The district's Superintendent oversees the district budget as well as all the employees of the school system, including the:
  • Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
  • Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance
  • Director of Finance
  • 8 principals
  • 3 assistant principals
  • 1 associate principal
  • 3 deans of students
  • 2 1/2 athletic directors
  • Almost 500 certified teachers and non-certified staff members