Education is served to Yorkville residents by the Yorkville Community Unit School District #115 which covers 85 square miles in Kendall and Kane Counties in Illinois. The district also serves students from the cities of:

  • Bristol
  • Montgomery
  • Oswego
  • Plano
  • Newark

Link: Community Unit School District #115

District Office Location

The district office is located at 602A Center Parkway in Yorkville. For more information, call 630-553-4382.

Student Population & Environment

The 6,200 plus students in grades pre-kindergarten to 12th attend school in a clean and safe educational environment. District #115 offers a unique combination of formal education within a personalized environment and ensures that curriculum and technology are continuously upgraded to meet the needs of the students. 


In school districts across the nation, an educational revolution is occurring. It’s not just what students learn that is changing, but how they learn, and in turn, how they are taught. The “sage-on-the-stage” view of teaching is giving way to a “guide-on-the-side” style that supports a personalized approach and empowers students to advocate for their own learning. It is a change in which one’s birthday does not dictate the level to which he or she can learn, but the student’s ability and desire to advance in his or her knowledge and career pathway.

District leadership has collaborated with its architects on a long-term facility usage plan called “EVOLUTION 115.” EVOLUTION 115 is a plan that assesses the district’s buildings, enrollment projections, and educational programming to determine how to use and improve the district’s schools to support the best practices in teaching and learning. The district will host a series of community meetings throughout the EVOLUTION 115 process, allowing community members to learn more about the existing school facilities and future aspirations, and provide feedback to shape the plan. 

Board of Education

In Illinois, public education is the state’s constitutional responsibility. The state delegates to local school boards the authority to govern school districts within the parameters set by state law. Boards of education consist of seven school district residents elected to serve four-year terms without pay. Although the board is politically responsible to district voters, it is legally responsible to the state.

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