Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Department is to preserve and maintain the integrity of all financial systems, records and functions of the City in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances, policies and procedures. This is achieved by optimally managing the City’s finances through its accounting, collections and purchasing divisions. The mission is further maintained by displaying leadership, management and stewardship to support the administrative and operational needs of the City and enhance quality service delivery to the public.

Daily Operations

The Finance Department is responsible for the collection, monitoring and disbursement of all City money. In addition, they are responsible for:
  • Review and preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets, revenue and expense forecasting
  • Preparation of the annual tax levy, legislative analysis, investments, debt financing, financial analysis, financial reporting
  • Operation of the general accounting and payroll systems and risk management services


The processes and activities support the financial policies, strategies and decisions necessary to maintain a healthy, stable financial condition. The Finance Department consists of the following positions:
  • Finance Director
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Utility Billing Clerk
In unison, they are responsible to maintain and manage all the City’s finances.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Mayor and 8 entrusted Alderman legally adopt a budget for the next operating fiscal year ending April 30. The budget is a legal document that provides guidance and limitations for the revenues and expenditures of the City.