Property Taxes & Other Tax Information

Property Taxes

For the 2020 Tax Levy Year (payable in 2021) the United City of Yorkville accounts for approximately 6% of your overall property tax bill.  This means that for every $1 paid in property taxes, the City receives six cents.

How is my property tax bill calculated?

Property taxes are calculated as follows:
Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV)/100 x Tax Rate = Amount of Tax Due
The Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) of your property is determined by your township assessor and is equal to one-third of your property's fair market value, less any exemption(s) you receive.  As an example, a property with a fair market value of $250,000, as determined by the township assessor, would have an EAV of $83,333.33.  A homestead exemption of $6,000 would further reduce EAV to $77,333.33.  Assuming a tax rate of $9.8487 per $100 of EAV, the amount of property tax due would be $7,616.30, calculated as follows:

$77,333.33/100 x $9.8487 = $7,616.30
Of this amount due, the United City of Yorkville would receive $454.87 (6%)

Where does your property tax go?

The charts below give a breakdown of where your property tax money goes by taxing district
Note: Tax rates are for Bristol Township

Dollar Bill Tax Breakdown Graph 2020
Pie Chart tax levy 2020

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P-Tax Table Graph 2020

Sales Tax

Listed below is the current sales tax rate for the United City of Yorkville.  The City imposes a 1% Non-Home Rule Sales Tax, which went into effect January 1, 2012.

​General Merchandise Rate (Retailers' & Service Occupation Taxes)

State*: 6.25%
County - Public Safety: 1.00%
City - Non-Home Rule: 1.00%
Total Rate: 8.25%
*The 6.25% State can further be broken down as follows: State of Illinois; 5.00%; United City of Yorkville: 1.00%; Kendall County: 0.50%.

The general merchandise sales tax rate for the City's Kendall Marketplace Business District is 8.75% (total rate as shown above plus a 0.50% business district rate).  The general merchandise sales tax rate for the City's Countryside & Downtown Business Districts is 9.25% (total rate as shown above plus a 1.00% business district rate).  For more information regarding the City's sales tax rates, please log on to the Tax Rate Finder application on the Illinois Department of Revenue website at:

The sales tax rate for qualifying food, drug & medical appliances is 1% - which is remitted to the City in full.  Qualifying food, drug, medical appliances & vehicle sales are exempt from the City's non-home rule sales tax.  For more information regarding qualifying food, drug, medical appliances and vehicle purchases, please click on the below link:

​Amusement Tax

The City's Amusement Tax rate is 3% applied to the gross payments collected as a result of an admission to any facility providing an amusement.  An "amusement" is defined as any and all participatory, spectator and exhibitive diversions and entertainments with the exception of instructional activity. 
Please click here for the Amusement Tax form and ordinance.

Hotel / Motel Tax

The City's Hotel / Motel Tax rate is 3% applied to gross receipts, less any allowable deductions.  Please click here for the Hotel / Motel Tax form and ordinance.