Recycling Information

Collection & Times

Recycling carts should be placed out for collection by 6 a.m. on the designated collection day. 

Additional Recycling

As a part of their recycling program Groot provides residences within the United City of Yorkville city limits with 1 65-gallon cart for recycling. There is no charge for extra recycling. Please do not bag recyclables.  

Additional Carts

Additional recycling carts are available for rental for by contacting Groot at 630-892-9294. 

More Information

Questions can be directed to Groot at 630-892-9294 or at their website

Recyclable Items

Recycling includes tin, aluminum, news print, cardboard, glass, and plastics. For a full list of acceptable items, visit our Recyclable Items page.

State Information

For recycling information in the state of Illinois, check out the Illinois Recycling Association webpage.

Home Health Care Disposal

It is important to use caution when disposing of home health care products. To learn how you can dispose of these items and unused medications visit our Medication and Home Health Care Disposal page.

Protect Kendall Now! Program

The United City of Yorkville supports Protect Kendall Now! (PKN) and its goal of increasing the pace of land conservation in Kendall County. View more information on Native Prairie Landscapes (PPT) or see An Introduction to the Advantages of a Greenroof (PPT).