Food Scrap Program

Food scraps, properly mixed with yard waste as outlined below, are now included in the pick-up program as a part of the City's solid waste and recycling collection services provided by Groot. This is a service that is free-of-charge to Yorkville residents. Please note the specifics of the program as outlined below.

​Pick-Up Logistics

The food scraps can be mixed in the yard waste, and are collected in the same truck as regular yard waste.  The option to comingle material/food scrap would require the use of a rigid container not to exceed 35 gallons (NO yard waste bags/Kraft bags).  Service will only be available from April 1 through the first full week in December. Contact Groot directly at 630-892-9294 if you wish to rent a container for yard waste/food scrap.

Acceptable Items

The following items are acceptable:
  • Fruits and Vegetables including unpainted holiday Pumpkins
  • Dairy and Eggs, including Egg Shells - NO LIQUIDS
  • Breads, Grains, Pasta, and Cereal
  • Coffee Grounds  and Tea Leaves (NO coffee filters or tea bags)

​NOT Acceptable Items

The following items are NOT acceptable:
  • No Meat, Poultry, or Seafood
  • No Bones or Shells (egg shells acceptable as outlined above)
  • No Fats, Grease, or Oil
  • No Liquids
  • No Packaging
  • No Paper Plates or other Service Ware
  • No Plastic, Styrofoam, Glass, Metal, Diapers, or Pet Waste