E-Waste Recycling

Electronics recycling is included as a part of the City's solid waste and recycling collection services provided by Groot. This is a call-in service that is free-of-charge to Yorkville residents within City limits. Please note the specifics of the program as outlined below.

Scheduling and Pick-Up Logistics

To schedule a pick-up, you must call Groot at 630-892-9294. Groot will give you a pick-up date. Make sure to place your item on the curb on the day of your scheduled collection.


  • Collection is limited to households and household material only. No items from businesses are allowed.
  • Curbside collection only. All items must be placed on the curb in order to be collected.
  • Extremely large or hard to handle items may incur charges to the resident.
  • This program excludes televisions over 50 pounds.

17 Items that Require a Scheduled Collection - Contact Groot at 630-892-9294

This list of 17 items are not allowed to go in the trash. By Illinois law, these items cannot go into a landfill Please call Groot directly to schedule an E-waste collection at 630-892-9294.

  1. Televisions
  2. Monitors
  3. Printers
  4. Computers (desktop, laptop, notebook, & tablet)
  5. Electronic Keyboards
  6. Facsimile Machines (Fax Machines)
  7. Videocassette Recorders
  8. Portable Digital Music Players
  9. Digital Video Disc Players
  10. Video Game Consoles
  11. Small Scale Servers
  12. Scanners
  13. Electronic Mice
  14. Digital Converter Boxes
  15. Cable Receivers
  16. Satellite Receivers
  17. Digital Video Disc Recorders
 Answering Machines
 Copy Machines
Postage Machines
Power Tools

CamcordersDVDs with cases Small Home Appliances [blenders, fans, toasters, toaster ovens, vacuum cleaners, etc] Vacuum Cleaners
Humidifiers Stereos / Receivers VHS tapes and cases 
CD Drives
Media [software, floppy discs, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes] Switch Boxes Video Game Controllers
CDs with cases Microphones Tape Drives Word Processors
Cell Phones / PDAs Microwaves Telecommunications equipment [phones, phone systems, answering machines, intercom systems] Zip Drives
Christmas / Holiday light strands Modems
Toner and Printer Cartridges [must be contained in a bag] 
Circuit Boards
Treadmills (special pick up required)