E-Waste Recycling

Electronics recycling is included as a part of the City's solid waste and recycling collection services provided by Advanced Disposal. This is a call-in service that is free-of-charge to Yorkville residents within City limits. Please note the specifics of the program as outlined below.

Scheduling and Pick-Up Logistics

To schedule a pick-up, you must call Advanced Disposal's Customer Care number at (630) 587-8282 or email them at BataviaIL@AdvancedDisposal.com. Advanced Disposal will give you a pick-up date. Make sure to place your item on the curb on the day of your scheduled collection.


  • Unlimited collection is provided for the residents of Yorkville, but no items will be collected from non-residents. Advanced Disposal reserves the right to limit if there is a case of abuse of the program.
  • Collection is limited to households and household material only. No items from businesses are allowed.
  • Curbside collection only. All items must be placed on the curb in order to be collected.
  • Extremely large or hard to handle items may incur charges to the resident.