Service Setup/Cancellation Information

**If you have just completed the Meter Read Request form, this landing page is your confirmation that your request has been successfully submitted. If you selected to have a copy of the request form emailed to you, that will also serve as confirmation of form submission. If you elected NOT to have a copy of the form emailed to you, there will be no other confirmation of form submission.**

If you need to start or stop services for the transfer of property ownership or in between tenants, please fill out and submit the Meter Read Request form here.

Which Services Does This Form Start/Stop?

By filling out and submitting the Meter Read Request form, you will start/stop services for water, sewer, garbage, and sanitary district (wastewater reclamation). Once you click submit, your form will be processed by the utility billing clerk. Please note that residents of Grande Reserve Subdivision will be billed directly by Fox Metro for their sanitary district bills in addition to the City utility bill for water, sewer, and garbage; however, you do not need to contact Fox Metro to start or stop your services, filling out the Meter Read Request will address that for you. If you choose not to receive a copy of the Meter Read Request form before you click submit, there will be no confirmation email or contact from the City in regard to service on your account until you receive your first bill unless further information is required by the City to complete your request.

Starting Services

If you are starting services, your account number will be on your first bill. Bills are issued every two months, and you should receive them within the first 2 weeks of every odd numbered month, to be due the first week of the even numbered months. Due dates may vary month to month, please be sure to check your bills.

Stopping Services

If you are requesting a final bill, please submit with a minimum of 5 days’ notice and ensure that you have provided either a forwarding address for your final bill if you are a renter/landlord or the fax/email of the lawyer for your closing if you are selling.

New Construction & Ordering/Replacing Trash Totes

If your home is new construction, you will order your trash totes at the bottom of the request form. New totes should be delivered by Groot within approximately 10 business days, during that time until your totes are delivered you may still place your trash and recycling out to the curb for collection. If your home is not new construction and your totes are missing/damaged or you want to change the size of your totes, you will need to contact Groot directly at 630-892-9294. When you move out of Yorkville, please leave your totes with the residence.

Senior Refuse Discount for Residents Age 65 and Older

If you are 65 or older, you qualify for a discount on the refuse (trash) portion of your bill. To take advantage of this discount you will need to bring a state ID or driver’s license to City Hall (651 Prairie Pointe Drive). Once we have a copy of your ID on file, the discount will be applied to all bills moving forward from the date of receipt.