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Parks List

Access a listing of all Yorkville parks to view locations, descriptions, details, and park features.

United City of Yorkville Parks - You're Always Welcome!

The United City of Yorkville is proud of their parks. Progressive in nature, the Parks and Recreation department has created an integral system of parks throughout the city, each one having a unique characteristic or theme whether it's high adventure, sunflowers, farms, music, or riding trains, our parks offer it all!

Try one or try them all! You can access a map (PDF) showing the location of any park in the United City of Yorkville. The matrix provides a list of amenities at each facility and the park addresses. 

Name a Park

There are several parks that still need naming. If you have an idea or a name you can fill out the Park Naming Application (PDF) and mail or stop by the Parks and Recreation office at the ARC Building with your completed form.