Park Rental Information

Some of the parks and facilities of the Parks and Recreation Department may be rented out for any occasion that is not expressly prohibited by the Parks and Recreation General Policies and Procedures for Park Rentals.

Beecher Center
Anyone wishing to rent out the Beecher Center may do so by calling Senior Services at 630-553-5777.
People using a shelter

Parks & Gazebos

To rent the Town Square Gazebo or any park, gazebo or shelter, please download and complete the application (PDF) available. Turn in the completed application, or call the office to check on dates and availabilities for rentals. Information on renting parks is also available by calling the ARC Building at 630-553-4357.

For Vending in the parks, please fill out the attached application (PDF).

Ball Field Rentals

Steven G. Bridge Park is a lit, three ballfield complex available for weekend tournament rentals. The park features a concession stand, playground, batting cages, covered dugouts, shelters, and plenty of parking. For more information on Steven G. Bridge Park please see the park page. To rent this park please contact the Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department at 630-553-4357.