Park Projects

The Yorkville Parks and Recreation department is committed to keeping its residents informed. As a part of our service to you, we will try to keep you up-to-date on all projects that are currently under construction in the city.

New Playgrounds 2022

This summer and fall the Parks Department will be "refurbishing" two existing playgrounds; Fox Hill East and Price Park. Parks Staff has been working with the playground manufacturers of these to playgrounds to use the existing playground posts and foundation (also called footings) but will install new decks, slides, and features. This new method of playground replacement saves the city's financial resources while providing a structurally sound playground to the community.  All playgrounds are installed in house by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors who ensure all playgrounds are safe and inviting for all to enjoy. 

Coming Soon

Fox Hill East
Park Address: 1474 Sycamore Rd

fox hill west

Coming Soon
Price Park

Park Address: 525 Burning Bush

Price Park

Riverfront Park Pedestrian Bridge & Island Repairs Update 

In 2018 the pedestrian bridge and trail on the Fox River at Riverfront Park were closed due to unsafe conditions caused by natural erosion. Recently, the State notified the City that repairs work will begin in the Summer and Fall of 2022. Completion is expected by the end of 2022. During this time, portions of Riverfront Park may be closed for the safety of park patrons.  

Fox Hill Frisbee Golf Course

The Parks Department has been working on redesigning and updating the Frisbee Golf Course located at Fox Hill West Park(1711 John Street, Yorkville). Updates will include new t-boxes, signs, and layout. 

Pickleball Court
The City Council recently approved the installation of a Pickleball which will be located at Rotary Park(2775 Grande Trail, Yorkville) located in the Grande Reserve subdivision. The Parks Department is currently in the process of building two courts which will be available to the entire Yorkville Community.