Park Rules & Guidelines

See below for a full list of general policies and procedures for use of the United City of Yorkville Parks fields or download a printable copy. To report a concern or problem with a park please this link.

  • No equipment or permanent signage will be added or installed to the park without the permission of the United City of Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department.
  • No ball hitting or pitching into fences or dugouts is allowed.
  • Each party will report any damage and/or maintenance concerns to the Parks Department immediately.
  • Coordination of work involving the Parks Department staff of use of the equipment will generally require a 2-week notice for scheduling purposes.
  • Only approved maintenance vehicles are allowed on the grass. Vehicles are not allowed on any property that contains fields.
  • All requests for the use of fields or park(s) for organized play or private events must be in writing.
  • Each group must complete a checklist ensuring that the fields are in acceptable condition after their scheduled use. This form must be turned into the Parks and Recreation Department at the end of the season or maintenance obligation.
  • All groups reserving a park, shelter, gazebo, or amenity must have an authorized representative 21 years or older sign a waiver and release form that includes a hold-harmless clause and an agreement to be responsible for cleanup and possible damages. The representative also must remain on-site during the rental use.

  • Groups desiring additional tables and chairs beyond what is already available must arrange for their own tables and chairs.

  • Due to the scheduling or early setups for other scheduled functions, all groups and organizations are requested to use only the area, field, or park that has been assigned to them.

  • Discrimination in any manner or partisan political activities of any kind are prohibited in any United City of Yorkville park or facility. Non-partisan public meetings and information forums are permitted.
  • No intoxicating liquor or persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be allowed on the premises. No smoking within City Parks. Failure to follow this rule will result in forfeit of deposit, assessed damage fees and privileges immediately. The Parks and Recreation Department staff as well as the Yorkville Police Department may monitor or patrol the event at their discretion.
  • Groups using the United City of Yorkville parks, field, buildings, or facilities are responsible for litter control and pick up. Please dispose of all trash and recyclables in the proper containers. Damage or excessive litter may result in a loss of privileges and use.
  • Groups may not use the fields or parks when weather conditions are dangerous or when the field conditions are not acceptable. All groups must adhere to the inclement weather guidelines for field conditions (no standing water, saturated turf conditions, or times when safety is a concern).
  • Groups must adhere to all city ordinances, policies, and procedures when using the facilities, parks, and fields (sign ordinance, building rental policies, Lightening Prediction Policy, and weather warning alarm system), and any other city guidelines that pertain to the use of city owned property.
  • All United City of Yorkville Playground Areas shall remain open for public access and public pathways located within any United City of Yorkville Park shall remain open to the public at all times.

  • All animals must adhere to the leash control ordinance. Petting zoos for one day special events are permitted in specific parks as determined by the Park and Recreation staff, Park Board, or City Council. Health codes, permits, and licenses are required.

    Ice skating, ice fishing, sledding, or other winter activities are limited to parks or locations where permissible and indicated by signage.
  • Portable tents, with or without stakes, or semi-permit shelters or structures are permitted in approved park locations only.

    Some parks are restricted from tent use due to the size, availability to the surrounding residents, and restricted appropriate use.
  • Activities including sound amplification should not unreasonably interfere in any way with other park users or adjacent property owners. Amplification and special lighting are allowed only if a permit is issued at the time of the reservation request.

  • Smoking is prohibited at all City of Yorkville parks property, which includes but is not limited to: parks, athletic fields, bleachers, hard court play surfaces, playgrounds, and shelters, unless specifically exempted by the Park Board and/or Director, such as for special events and adult softball league. "Smoke" or "smoking" means the carrying, smoking, burning, inhaling, or exhaling of any kind of lit pipe, cigar, cigarette, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or other smoking materials and/or equipment. 

  • All cars must be parked in designated areas.
  • No overnight parking.

  • Obey all posted signs.

  • No pets allowed on athletic fields

  • Bicycles prohibited on athletic fields/courts.

  • Snowmobiles prohibited on park property.

  • Golf prohibited on playing fields.
  • No grilling or open flames in the parks.
  • No skateboarding in parks or in areas not designated for skateboarding.
  • Some parks and activities may be excluded from park reservations as determined by recommendations for the Park Board or staff.