Flags of Valor


The Yorkville American Legion Post 489 invite you to honor our nation and all of the veterans who have served with the 2020 Yorkville Flags of Valor as American Flags are displayed at Town Square during the week of Veterans Day. 

Yorkville Flags of Valor Support Form


Sponsoring a flag gives you the opportunity to recognize and honor a veteran in your life. A flag can be sponsored for $30 per flag and will include a keepsake ribbon and option to personalize a tag in honor of a veteran. 


Everyone is welcome to participate and support local veterans either through sponsoring a flag or donating to support the hundreds of veterans in Yorkville and Kendall County as all proceeds will be donated back to the Yorkville American Legion Post 489.

To purchase a flag or make a donation, interested individuals can register online or print and complete this form and return to Yorkville Parks and Recreation (201 W Hydraulic Ave, Yorkville). Forms may be mailed or left in the secure drop box located outside the office. 


We invite you to pay tribute to veterans by visiting Town Square Park the days leading up to Veterans Day as all sponsored flags will line the park near the Memorial.



1. Stanley Anderson                       

2. JoLynn Andrews                           

3. Joe Arend                       

4. Charles R  Ashley                         

5. Virgil R Ashley                              

6. Alexander Bednarski & Robert Parnell 

7. John L  Bicksler Jr                           

8. Earl Bushnell                 

9. William Colbert                                            

10. Raymond J Collins                    

11. Sgt James B Corrigan                               

12. RG Cree                        

13. Raymond E Dubert                      

14. Dal  Estes                     

15. David Estes                  

16. Emil "Bud" Farren                     

17. John Frieders                              

18. Paul R Gaffke                             

19. Norma L Garza                           

20. George Gerlach

21. Sgt Durwood Hafenrichter

22. Sgt Durwood Hafenrichter                    

23. Ralph Hanh, Robert Cerveny, 

Stanley Cermak

24. PFC George F Havelka                           

25. Rich Hoffmann                             

26. David  Holdeman                      

27. Austin Jerome Hoover                            

28. James B Hughes                        

29. Neil Hvidhyld                              

30. Richard Johnson                        

31. Everett Johnson                        

32. William Kearns                          

33. Martin Lincoln                            

34. Leon Machaj                               

35. Alfred Marcotte                        

36.  John R Martinez                       

37. Nathan & Mark McCalmont

43. Robert Micklos & Raymond Findlay 

44. Clyde E Miller                             

45. Paul Neeson                               

46. Norman Nelson

47. Walter Niles II                            

48. Cpl Jacob Olin                             

49. Stuart Parkhurst                       

50. Walter C Para                                                      
51. Alvin Peterson                           

52. Sgt Thaddeus Prondzinski                     

53. Andrew Redmon                      

54. George Redmon                       

55. Christopher Reed                     

56. Raymond A Rippa                     

57. Victor Rippa                

58. Clarence E Robinson                

59. Robert Rodriguez                      

60. H Gordon Schobert                  

61. Richard Swift                              

62. Michael Tesch                            

63. Marco F Torres                          

64. Jerimy Weatherly                     

65. Allan Wendling                          

66. Gene A White                             

67. Reed R Williams                         

68. WWII Veterans                          

69. THANK YOU ALL VETERANS                  

70. Past & Present Veterans of All Wars                  

71. All Current and Past Military Veterans                           

72. All Military Men, Women, and  Service Animals       

73. All Veterans                

74. All Veterans Past and Present

75. Robert Guzman

76. Robert J. King

77. Carl Thorne-Thompsen

78. Roger Kitner

79. Richard Roger

80. Charles Ashley

81. Tom Kennedy

82.  Lenny Stemmet, Steve Stemmet, &
Sylvester Borucki

83. Matt Benes

84. Jim Jacob

85. Rober Knox

86. Jonathan Kee