Mission & History

Our Mission
The mission of the Parks and Recreation Department is to create unique recreational and park experiences that enrich lives and create a sense of community.

The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department strives to:
  • Implement the Parks and Open Space Master Plan
  • Plan, acquire, develop, maintain, and preserve parks, facilities, and natural and historic areas
  • Provide the community with opportunities to play, gather, celebrate, learn and enjoy nature
  • Respond to the leisure needs and desires of the Yorkville community
  • Utilize financial resources efficiently and equitably
Our History
In 1977 the Park Commission and the Human Resource Commission jointly formed a Community Center Committee as an advisory commission to the City Council. As a result of the committee, the Beecher Community Center was constructed in 1979 on the land deeded to the city by the Illinois Department of Conservation on what was the former fairgrounds and game farm. The Center was built utilizing funds left to the city in the will of former City Clerk Clarence Beecher.

Prior to the creation of the Recreation Board in 1988, the development of community parks and the park department in the United City of Yorkville was managed through the city's Public Works Department.

Below is a timeline of the formation of the United City of Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department:
  • 1988 - The Recreation Board was created by an ordinance established by the City Council to oversee the development of the park and recreation facilities and services. The board also managed and oversaw the formation of park and recreation policies.
  • 1996 - A full-time Recreation Director was hired by the Park Board and City Council to provide recreation programs to the residents of Yorkville.
  • 2001 - The 1988 ordinance establishing the Park Board was revised to include the establishment of a full-time Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • 2002 - The Parks and Recreation Department staff was expanded and realigned to include full-time staff in the positions of Superintendent of Recreation, Administrative Assistant, Parks Foreman, Parks operator, Parks maintenance workers, and newly created positions for Recreation Coordinator and Director of Parks and Recreation. The establishment of the director position combined the focus for parks and recreation into 1 department.
  • 2003 - The ordinance was once again amended to expand the number of Park Board members from 5 to 7.