Road to Better Roads

About the Program

Road to Better Roads is the city road rehabilitation program that was established in 2013 to improve the overall quality of Yorkville's road infrastructure. The ongoing program will result in roads with improved pavement quality and a prolonged lifespan. Roads to be included are based on a detailed engineering analysis of every street and comparing it to the cost of repairing the street at various points throughout its lifespan, then selecting the streets that give the City the best value. The more value we get each year, the more roads we can do and the sooner we can do them. 

Program Funding

This program is primarily funded through a road infrastructure fee. All funds collected through the road infrastructure fee will go directly to the Road to Better Roads program. This plan will also address a number of growing water and sewer infrastructure issues by replacing aged water and sewer lines.

Road to Better Roads Maps and Documents

Current Construction

During 2021 the RTBR program will consist of pavement removal, pavement patching, repair of deteriorated sidewalk, replacement of sidewalk ramps to meet current ADA requirements, curb and gutter removal and replacement, manhole and inlet adjustments, new asphalt pavement, pavement markings, crack sealing, and landscape restoration. It is anticipated that the project will be complete by end of September 2021, weather permitting.  Throughout the duration of the project, minor lane closures and delays should be expected, however no major roadway closures are expected. There may be times where access to your driveway will be limited; you will be notified prior to loss of access to allow time for you to move your vehicle if this applies to your driveway.

The contract has been awarded and the contractor will be performing and completing removal and replacement of pavements on the following roads:

Greenbriar Road

Beaver Street

Colonial Parkway

Heustis Street

Mill Street

Adam Street

W. Hydraulic Avenue

W. Van Emmon Street

W. Madison Street

State Street

E. Countryside Parkway (pavement marking only)

McHugh Road (pavement marking only)

During construction, if you have any questions or would like to meet with a project representative onsite, please contact Nadia Schweisthal of Engineering Enterprises, Inc. at 630-486-0704. Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated and please remember to exercise additional caution while driving through the construction area.