Neighborhood Design Manual


The purpose of the manual is to encourage the conservation and preservation of the housing stock in traditional neighborhood areas as well as guide new housing construction that is in scale and character with adjacent housing. The manual is a separate document from the existing appearance code, which addresses design issues primarily in Yorkville’s newly developing areas. Following this manual is not mandatory and only serves as an informational document for owners of homes within this region.

Staff identified this project as a goal for accomplishment in 2018 as it supports the City’s downtown planning initiatives. Staff utilized a program at the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign which matches master’s students with communities that could use additional assistance completing projects.  The program allows students to earn credit for their degree, have a capstone project in their portfolio, and gain valuable planning knowledge in a real world setting. 

Tony Heath, was the student selected to work on this project.  Tony has previous work experience in historic preservation and creating guidelines from previous employment and was well suited to handle the project.  Along with staff, Tony was instrumental in the creation and drafting of this document.

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