Is there a time limit to reporting mailbox damage as a result of a plow truck striking my mailbox?

Yes, residents seeking reimbursement for damage to their mailbox as a result of a direct hit from a snow plow must report damage within three (3) days of the occurrence. Reports submitted within the three-day timeline will be inspected by a Public Works representative. If the determination is that the City is responsible, residents will be reimbursed up to $125.00 for materials to replace the mailbox. Reimbursement may be submitted to the City after the homeowner installs a new mailbox and it is inspected by a Public Works representative. If it is determined that the City is not responsible, it will be the homeowner's responsibility to replace the mailbox following City standards. To report mailbox damage click here.

Quite often damage is a result of the weight and force of snow coming off of a plow blade coupled with less than favorable condition of mailbox connections and posts. To avoid damage as a result of snow strike, remember to perform regular maintenance on your mailbox and post. Mailboxes and posts are subjected to the elements, and wear down with exposure. Coming into winter, always check to make sure that you have a sturdy post that is not showing any signs of wear at the connection to the box and where the post is set in the ground. If your post is older or showing signs of wear, consider replacing it before winter comes. Mailbox installation guidelines can be viewed here.

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