Freedom of Information Act

The City Clerk’s Office maintains the centralized records of the City, with the exception of Police records, which are maintained by the Police Department.


Under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), all public records not exempt under Section 7 of the Act must be made available for inspection or copying. In order to do this, a written request must be submitted to a Freedom of Information officer.


  • City FOIA Officers
    • Lisa Pickering
    • Jori Behland
    • Erin Willrett
    • Bart Olson
  • Police FOIA Officers
    • Kirsten Balog
    • Nicole Decker
    • Larry Hilt
    • Amber Rasmusson


Freedom of Information Act Request forms are available at City Hall and the Police Department or online:

Response Time

A Freedom of Information Officer will respond to the request within 5 business days. Requests being made for commercial purposes will be responded to within 21 days. Any questions regarding the Freedom of Information Act or requests for public records should be directed to a United City of Yorkville Freedom of Information Officer.

Fee Schedule

Fees for the reproduction and certifying of the public records may be charged. A fee schedule can be found on the City Clerk's page.