Cable TV

Cable Provider

Cable TV in the United City of Yorkville is provided by Comcast and in some areas Metronet.

New Service

If you are new to the area, and would like to contact Comcast Cable or Metronet for internet or phone service you can go to the Comcast website  or call 800-671-7872 or the Metronet website or call 877-407-3224. 

Service Issues

If you have a service issue with Comcast, you should contact Comcast Cable through either their website or call 800-266-2278.  If you have service issues with Metronet, you should contact them through the Metronet website or call 844-692-6184.

Customer Service

Customers who have questions about Comcast programming can contact a toll-free customer service representative at 866-594-1234.