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Application for Snowbird or Vacancy Rate

  1. Pursuant to City code, a utility customer that will be absent from their residence for a period of more than 60 consecutive days with intent to reoccupy the residence, may apply to have their water and refuse charges waived for that period. However, all other utility billing charges would remain in effect for each billing cycle, as listed below: • Yorkville Bristol Sanitary District (YBSD) wastewater treatment fee (will be reduced to $29.25 per billing cycle). • Sewer Maintenance Fee. • Sewer Infrastructure Fee. • Water Infrastructure Fee. • Road Infrastructure Fee. For more information regarding charges for the City’s “Snowbird Policy”, please visit the City’s website at
  2. Please note that it will be your responsibility to notify the City upon your return, by contacting Rebecca Woolsey, Utility Billing Coordinator, at (630) 553-8563 or by e-mail at
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