What is the Road to Better Roads?
Road to Better Roads is the city road rehabilitation program designed to improve the overall quality of Yorkville’s road infrastructure. The ongoing program will result in roads with improved pavement quality and a prolonged lifespan. This program is primarily funded through a road infrastructure fee. All funds collected through the road infrastructure fee will go directly to the Road to Better Roads program. This program also addresses a number of growing water and sewer infrastructure issues by replacing aged water and sewer lines.

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1. What is the Road to Better Roads?
2. Which roads will be repaired under the Road to Better Roads Program?
3. How do you determine which roads to include in the Road to Better Roads Program?
4. Is everything in the Road to Better Roads program set in stone?
5. How will I know in advance when my street is being worked on?
6. My street isn’t on the 5-year schedule but it looks really awful. Shouldn’t you fix it?
7. My street isn’t in the 5-year program, so why should I pay the road infrastructure fee?
8. Will you be making other improvements during the road rehabilitation?
9. Why are you replacing the water and sewer lines?
10. Will the road infrastructure fee go away?
11. Who should I contact with comments or concerns?