How is the special tax spread among property owners?
The special tax will be a predetermined amount for each class of property (i.e. single family, town home, duplex, etc.). The amount will be based on the benefits derived by the property owner as determined by a consultant or engineer. The annual special tax can be structured to increase over the life of the bonds; however, the maximum annual tax is predetermined for each year and will be disclosed by the builder using a purchase contract rider.

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1. How is the special tax spread among property owners?
2. Who will bill and collect the tax?
3. Is the tax deductible for the homeowner?
4. Who is responsible for the special tax?
5. How does the failure of one homeowner to pay his tax affect other homeowners?
6. Can I prepay my Special Service Area Tax?
7. How is the special tax disclosed to the purchaser?
8. When is the Special Service Area Tax due and who will notify me?
9. Aren't these public improvements included in the price of the home?
10. Does my regular real estate taxes pay for these public improvements?
11. How much will my tax be?
12. Why would Special Service Area increases not be consistent over the life of my payment?
13. What is the term of bonds?
14. What is the security for the bonds?