Rain Barrels

A rain barrel connected to your downspout is a great way to keep stormwater out of the system and to cut down your water bill! Harvesting rain to capture stormwater is easy and can help conserve water usage around the home. About 40 percent of total household water use during the summer months is for watering lawns and gardens.

Rain barrels are large containers that capture stormwater from roofs that would otherwise be lost as runoff. Most rain barrels are repurposed, recycled, and recyclable and come equipped with spigots, screens to prevent mosquito breeding, and overflow valves. 

Setup is easy by diverting water from your downspout to fill the rain barrel. A hose spigot on the front makes the water easy to access and use for watering flowers and gardens, or washing cars, windows, and even pets.

Where can I buy a Rain Barrel?

The Conservation Foundation sells rain barrels year round for about $60 each and the price includes home delivery. To purchase, go to:  https://upcycle-products.com/il-programs/tcfv2/kendall-county/. Kendall County partners with the Conservation Foundation to promote the purchase of rain barrels.

rain barrel