Graham's C Store Rezone, Special Use, Final Plat & Sign Variance

Case Number  |  PZC 2022-08

Proposed Project

Thomas Williamson, on behalf of Graham C Stores Company, is seeking special use permit authorization, rezoning approval, a variance to the sign regulations, and final plat approval. The real property is approximately 5.51 acres and is located at the northeast corner of State Route 47 (Bridge Street) and State Route 71 (Stagecoach Trail) intersection. The petitioner is seeking special use permit authorization for a gasoline service station with accessory convenience store. The petitioner is seeking rezoning approval from M-1 Limited Manufacturing District to B-3 General Business District. The petitioner is also requesting to vary the sign requirement regarding permanent freestanding business signs to allow a new sign to be larger than a maximum of 64 square feet and taller than the maximum 12 feet. 

Proposed Location

Graham C Store Location


Public Hearings

The public hearing is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM at the United City of Yorkville, City Hall, located at 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville, Illinois 60560. All interested parties are invited to attend the public hearing and will be given opportunity to be heard.  Any written comments should be addressed to the United City of Yorkville Community Development Department, City Hall, 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville Illinois, and will be accepted up to the date of the public hearing.

Additional Information

For further information, contact Krysti Barksdale-Noble, Community Development Director at or 630-553-8573.