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Kicking off the cooler weather in a fun way! The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department has a fall filled with fun classes and programs! We have a mix of in-person classes for everyone. For more information please see the specific event descriptions below. Please contact the Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department at with any questions.

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Life Coaching With Lisa Lombardi

All Spun Up & Stressed OutAges 6-13December 144:30pm-5:30pm$27/$32More Details/Register Now
Celebration     Self-Esteem     and LeadershipAges 7-13January 244:30pm-5:30pm$27/$32More Details/Register Now
Valen-SlimeAges 7-13February 184:30-5:30pm$28/$33More Details/Register Now
Thrills and Chills of Ice CreamAges 7-13March 244:30pm-5:30pm$28/$33More Details/Register Now

Magic with Gary Kantor

Magic ClassAges 5-12December 76:45-7:40pm$25/$30More Details/Register
Magic ClassAges 5-12February 105-5:55pm$20/$25More Details/Register Now
Magic ClassAges 5-12May 106:45-7:40pm$20/$25More Details/Register Now

Tot Rock/Kid Rock Music 

Tot Rock Ages 0-1January 10-February 74pm-4:40pm$56/$61More Details/Register Now
Tot RockAges 0-1February 21-March 214pm-4:40pm$56/$61More Details/Register Now
Tot RockAges 0-1April 11-May 234pm-4:40pm$77/$82More Details/Register Now
Family Kid RockAges 1-5January 10-February 74:45pm-5:25pm$56/$71More Details/Register Now
Family Kid RockAges 1-5February 21-March 214:45pm-5:25pm$56/$71More Details/Register Now
Family Kid RockAges 1-5April 11-May 234:45pm-5:25pm$77/$81More Details/Register Now