Kendall Marketplace Lot 52

Proposed Project
Case #: PZC 2020-03 Kendall Marketplace Lot 52
Location: South of Blackberry Shore Lane and west of Cannonball Trail 

 The petitioner has withdrawn their requests for the Planned Unit Development Amendments regarding design standard changes and land cash fee reductions. Please see the petitioner’s withdrawal letter by clicking here.

Kendall Marketplace Updated Elevation

Proposed Schedule:

City Council Review:  May 12, 2020

Proposed Project:

The petitioner, Luz M. Padilla, Abby Properties, LLC is seeking the following:

  • To amend Article III, Part 2 of Ordinance 2006-125 to modify the design standards for single-family attached homes. The petitioner is seeking to change the language to align with the approved single-family detached requirements approved in 2018. 
  • Final Plat approval for an approximately 26.2-acre site consisting of 48 lots for single-family attached dwelling units and 2 lots for open space and future phases of development.
  • Reduction in the land cash fees for single-family attached (townhome) units within the Kendall Marketplace Development.

The proposed requests have followed different meeting schedules but will be reviewed together by City Council. The requests have also generated many questions and comments about the development. Therefore, please see the submitted materials and meeting minutes for the proposed request:

PUD Amendment and Final Plat Documents:

PUD Amendment and Final Plan Economic Development Committee Documents:

Petitioner Response to Economic Development Committee Comments:

PUD Amendment and Final Plan Planning and Zoning Commission Documents:

Petitioner Response to Planning and Zoning Commission Comments:

Development Agreement - Land Cash Fee Reduction:

City Council Review Materials:


If you have questions about this project feel free to contact Community Development Staff:

Jason Engberg, AICP

Senior Planner


Krysti Barksdale-Noble, AICP

Community Development Director