Fall Soccer League

Bristol Bay Regional Park (Bristol Bay Drive, Yorkville)

The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department’s Youth Soccer leagues are designed to teach and improve the various skills and knowledge pertaining to the game of soccer in a fun, recreational atmosphere. The 3 year old league will specifically feature 4 weeks of practice and 4 weeks of scrimmage games with a majority of games and practices being held on Saturdays. Leagues for grades Pre-k through 8th grade will have an 8-game schedule with the majority of games being played on Saturdays with practices held during the week. Please note games will not be rescheduled in the event of a cancellation due to the weather. 

2023 Fall Soccer Registration

Registration Period: June 19-July 10

3 year Old($55/$65)
1/2 Grade Boys($85/$95)
1/2 Grade Girls($85/$95)
3/4 Grade Boys($85/$95)
3/4 Grade Girls($85/$95)
Age 10-13 Girls($95/$105)
Age 10-13 Boys($95/$105)

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All players are asked to wear a red and grey or red and white reversible jersey available for purchase for $25. Jerseys will be available for purchase before the league begins at the Yorkville City Hall (651 Prairie Pointe Drive, Yorkville). City Hall is open Monday-Friday; 8am-4:30pm. Soccer jerseys can be purchased at the City Services desk in the first floor lobby.


Shin guards are required for all practices and games to assist with the safety of all players. 

Plastic cleats are not required but are highly recommended to avoid slipping and sliding. Please be sure to NOT purchase metal cleats. 

Ball Sizes

  • 3 Year Old-Kindergarten: Size 3
  • Grade 1-4: Size 4
  • Grade 5-8: Size 5


Practice Schedules are based on coach availability and may change depending on weather conditions. Please contact your coach for your practice schedule.

Field Locations for Parking

  • 3 year old-2nd Grade use the Galena Rd entrance (near "Go For It Sports")
  • Grades 3 & Up Enter the Bristol Bay Subdivision and park near the Bristol Bay Elementary School (427 Bristol Bay Dr, Yorkville)

RainoutLine Game Cancellation and Program Update System

The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department will share game cancellations and announcements through an online system. You can view the program status online, sign up for text and/or email alerts, or download the mobile app.

1. Visit https://rainoutline.com/search/dnis/6305578471
2. Select program that you are interested in following.
3. Choose E-Mail & Text alerts on the left side of the page to create an account if you would like to receive text and/or email alerts.

Mobile Application
Android and Iphone apps are available. Once downloaded from your phone’s app store search "Yorkville Parks and Recreation" and add as your favorite. Once added as a favorite, individual programs can be chosen for updates.

RainoutLine message will be available by phone.  Call (630) 557-8471 to access the recorded hotline.