Fitness Programs

The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department is now offering fitness programs at its new location at the Van Emmon Activity Center (102 E Van Emmon St, Yorkville). Classes will be offered during the week in the mornings and evenings, and on Saturday mornings. A full list of fitness classes and descriptions are featured below. For more information on class times, please refer to the current catalog. To register for a class visit

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Hatha Yoga

Benefit the body and mind through Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced form of Yoga in America. Through breath, posture, and meditation, participants will reduce anxiety as well as achieve physical goals, create muscle tone, and increase flexibility during poses that align the body. Participants should bring a Yoga mat, towel, and water bottle to class. Preregistration is required. Registration is available online at

Restorative Yoga

This Hatha class is an enjoyable, yet functional fitness approach that caters to all abilities by allowing participants to stand with a mat or use a chair for stability. Improve your flexibility, strength, and range of motion while reversing the effects of aging through slow, deliberate movements and breath control. Participants should bring a Yoga mat, towel, and water bottle to class. Preregistration is required. Registration is available online at

Core De Force

This mixed martial arts inspired workout will keep you moving and sweating for the entire class while slashing inches off your waist, blasting belly fat, as well as sculpting the entire body without the use of equipment! All fitness levels are welcome as moves can be modified while still achieving results. Participants should bring a towel and a water bottle to class. Preregistration is required. Registration is available online or from your mobile phone at


Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music and dance themes that create a dynamic and exciting workout that is based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO". The routines feature aerobic and fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Preregistration is required. Registration is available online at

Meet the Instructors

Crystal Cryder

Crystal is a certified heath coach and Core de Force instructor. She grew up being an athlete but in the last few years started pursuing her passion of helping others get healthy and loving their bodies. She fell in love with Core de Force not only because she saw great results but how fun and easy it was to follow along. She is very excited to get out in the community and teach people about the benefits of moving their bodies in a fun way that won't seem like you’re working out!!
Crystal grew up in Sugar Grove and has lived in Yorkville for 4 years now. She has a husband named Jed and 2 kids, Johanna 11, and Cohen 9, who keep her very busy with their active lifestyle.

Classes – Core de Force

Crystal Cryder - Bio Picture

Michelle O’Hara

After several years of participating in Yoga classes and seeing the benefits, Michele became a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor in May of 2016. She chose Hatha because of its focus on the combination of meditation and its slow, flowing style that makes a solid connection between mind and body.
Her personal use of Yoga has helped her overcome stress, improved issues with asthma and flat feet, and put her on a path to better total health. Her experience with personal healing is what has driven her to get certified in order to bring this healing to others. Michele was raised in Plano and came back in 2000 due to its small town country setting. The desire for a simple and natural life drives her approach to sharing Yoga with her students.

Classes – Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga

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Charity Browne

Charity has loved being a part of Zumba for the past 8 years! Zumba has inspired her to get physically fit and have lots of fun in the process. She has more energy for her 2 daughters and 8 nieces and nephews. She enjoys spending time with family, playing games, and scrapbooking. She has been teaching Zumba for a number of years now and is certified by the Athletics and Fitness Association of American for group fitness.

Charity Browne - Instructor

Frank Badus

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As a Yorkville coach for the past twelve years, Frank understands the benefits of challenging and training youth within an atmosphere of preparedness to push beyond mental/physical barriers on the playing field. The benefits of this training have been that of Self-Confidence, Team Unity, Creating Positive Mental/Physical Habits, and to be an enjoyable witness of their personal growth in character.

As a parent of five Frank has been around long enough to see the devastating impacts of depression, anxiety, bullying, and what idleness of time on electronics can do to our youth. With that environment in mind this program is also geared for ANYONE at ANY fitness level to improve physical/mental behaviors into positive overcoming habits.

For additional information on fitness classes and other activities offered through the Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department, please refer to the current catalog. To register from your computer or mobile device, please visit If you are having trouble with the online registration system, please reach out to us by email any time or phone 630-553-4357 during office hours.