Newly redesigned and expanded curriculum for 2020-2021!

The newly redesigned curriculum includes expanding each class to 2.5 hours long for both the Three Year Old and Four Year Old Programs with the additional time used to integrate more kindergarten readiness skills including sight words and mathematics to the daily curriculum for the Four Year Old Program and additional STEM lessons for the Three Year Old Program!  The preschool program will still focus on your child’s overall developmental needs by providing a stimulating environment through hands-on experiences that improve creativity, develop a positive self-image, foster language, science and mathematics development, and sharpen fine motor skills.  Children will discover play and sharing while developing emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.  

Sessions & Tuition

Three Year Old Program 

(Must be Three by September 1, 2020)

Tuesday & Thursday

Morning Class:  9:00-11:30am

Afternoon Class:  12:15-2:45pm

Tuition:  $125 Residents/$135 Nonresidents (Monthly for 9 Months)

Four Year Old Program

(Must be Four by September 1, 2020)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Morning Class:  9:00-11:30am

Afternoon Class:  12:15-2:45pm

Tuition:  $175 Residents/$190 Nonresidents (Monthly For 9 Months)

Registration Information

New Student Preschool Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year begins Monday, January 6, 2020. Registration is taken as space allows on a first come, first serve basis.  All students registering must be the correct age by September 1, 2020 (3 for Three Year Old Program and 4 for Four Year Old Program) and fully potty trained (No Pull-Ups).

To register, the following must be completed and returned to the Yorkville Parks and Recreation Administration Office (201 W Hydraulic Ave, Yorkville):

  1. Tuition Packet
  2. Registration Packet
  3. Department of Human Services (DHS) Health Form completed and signed by your child’s physician (Completed by September 1, 2020)
  4. Nonrefundable $50 Registration Fee

Daily Curriculum

Throughout each day, your child will develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually as we provide hands-on experiences in a safe and stimulating environment.  

Arrival:  Preschoolers will hang up backpacks/jackets, wash hands and greet friends.

Free Time:  A time to practice sharing and interacting with friends during free play.  Various activities including puzzles, games, trucks, trains, blocks, dolls and more are available during this time.

Planned Activities:  Preschoolers participate in a variety of activities in Art, Fine Motor Skills, Science, Math, Music and Language to best prepare them for Kindergarten.  A letter worksheet and writing our name is practiced daily.  Preschoolers will also create a craft and practice working independently during this time.

Carpet Time:  Various subjects will be worked on including colors, numbers, letters, weather, phonetics through stories, games, songs, flashcards and more.

Snack:  Manners and social skills are reinforced while trying new foods.

Large Motor Activities:  Preschoolers will play outside (weather permitting) or participate in group games, parachute play, marching bands or stretching to get them moving while building strength and coordination.

Dismissal:  Collect belongings and wait for parent/caregiver’s arrival.

Ready, Set, Go Program (Ages 2-3)

Parker’s Playtime Preschool offers both a Three Year Old Program and Four Year Old Program.  Students must turn the corresponding age by September 1, 2020 and be fully potty trained to enroll within the program.  If your child is too young for our Three Year Old Program, check out our Ready, Set, Go Program!  Ready, Set, Go is based off of our Parker’s Playtime Preschool, but adapted to meet the needs of a slightly younger age group.

Preschool Photo


The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department understands that circumstances may arise that require you to withdraw your child from the program. Please use the electronic form below. Please note all cancellation policies do apply as outlined in the tuition contract.