Zoning Ordinance

The United City of Yorkville adopted a new Zoning Ordinance on November 25, 2014. While there have been many individual text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance over the years, a revision of the entire ordinance has not been done since the Zoning Ordinance was approved in 1974.

The Zoning Ordinance is a set of written regulations that define how property may be used in specific geographic zones.  This document regulates lot size and coverage, density, placement and height of structures, and types of uses within each zoning district.

Yorkville Zoning Ordinance

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Chapter 1: Zoning Purpose and Interpretation
Chapter 2: Rules and Definitions
Chapter 3: General Zoning Provisions
Chapter 4: Zoning Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 5: Zoning Districts and Maps
Chapter 6: Permitted and Special Uses
Chapter 7: Dimensional and Bulk Requirements
Chapter 8: Planned Unit Development
Chapter 9: Agricultural District
Chapter 10: Open Space Districts
Chapter 11: Residential Districts
Chapter 12: Business Districts
Chapter 13: Manufacturing Districts
Chapter 14: Adult Uses
Chapter 15: Nonconforming Buildings, Structures and Uses
Chapter 16: Off Street Parking and Loading
Chapter 17: Fencing and Screening
Chapter 18: Telecommunication and Antenna Regulations
Chapter 19: Alternative Energy Systems
Chapter 20: Signs
Chapter 21: Downtown Overlay District