Historical Street Naming Program

There could be history in a name - a street name that is. Learning about the stories and people of Yorkville can be as easy as walking down the street.

Current & Possible Street Names
Benjamin Franklin Alden, Elden Madden and Titus Howe are just a few of the many names that have been selected or are waiting to be chosen as Historical Street Names in the United City of Yorkville.

History & Mission
The Historical Street Naming Project is preserving the history and heritage of Yorkville through its citizens by naming streets after individuals who have greatly impacted the community. The project, instituted in 2003, honors individuals who have made major contributions to the community in the form of leadership, financial support and involvement or have enriched or improved the city of Yorkville and its people for generations to come.

Due to the housing boom in Yorkville, the reason for the development of the project was 2-fold:
  • To provide developers with street names
  • To maintain a legacy of individuals' contributions
Approved Name List
Developers who are looking to select the name can view the Historical Street Name Approved List (PDF).

Nominating a Name
The City is currently seeking new nominations. To nominate an individual for a historical street name in the United City of Yorkville, complete the Street Naming Application (PDF), fill out the bottom of the form, and mail to: City Hall
800 Game Farm Road
Yorkville, IL 60560

More Information
For more information about the Historical Street Naming process or to receive an application in the mail, you can contact the city at 630-553-4350.