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Ward Information

The United City of Yorkville is divided into four wards each represented by two aldermen. On this page you will find the name of the aldermen who represents your ward and timely information. To contact or leave a message for the aldermen who represent your ward, call City Hall at 630.553.4350.

Keep your neighborhood safe – form a Neighborhood Watch program today.

The Neighborhood Watch program is made up of approximately 50 neighborhoods/groups in the United City of Yorkville. Each group appoints a captain and a co-captain who facilitate and organize meetings, attend informational meetings organized by the Yorkville Police Department and help in the distribution of Neighborhood Watch Newsletters to their group's members. To learn more about Yorkville's Neighborhood Watch Program contact the Yorkville Police Department at 630-553-4340.

Ward 1
Aldermen-- Carlo Colosimo and Ken Koch

Ward II
Aldermen--Jackie Milschewski and Larry Kot

Ward III
Aldermen--Chris Funkhouser and Joel Frieders

Ward IV
Alderwomen--Rose Spears and Diane Teeling