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United City of Yorkville Project Updates

The following is a list of recent construction projects and Public Works updates in the United City of Yorkville for the week of 04/04/2011. If you have any questions concerning any of the projects listed below, you can contact the city's Engineering Department at 630.553.8545.

NEW! Glen D. Palmer Dam Canoe/Kayak Whitewater Course Celebration and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Saturday, May 14

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the United City of Yorkville will conduct an official ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of the Glen D. Palmer Dam Whitewater canoe/kayak Course on Saturday, May 14, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Festivities includes demonstrations, free tours, on-shore kayak demonstrations, and more with the official ribbon cutting and dignitary speeches from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

NEW! Community Garden Plots Coming to Yorkville

The city's Human Resource Commission is in the process of piloting a new community garden beginning this summer. A total of 50 garden plots will be available for the 2011 growing season. There are two sizes: A 10X10 plot is $20; a 15X20 size plot will also be available for $35. Plots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Only one plot per person until April 15. Requests for multiple plots will be honored after April 15. The plots will be located on the property owned by the city north of Home Depot on Cannonball Trail. For an application form or for more information, e-mail

NEW! Downtown Parking Lot

This state funded project consists of constructing parking for 20 vehicles on the Old Jail property located at the southeast corner of Van Emmon and S. Main Street. The main parking lot will provide 18 parking stalls with access off S. Main Street. In addition, 2 parking stalls will be constructed along Madison Street immediately south of the Old Jail building. This parking will replace the existing 20 parking spaces along Route 47 between Van Emmon Street and Hydraulic Avenue that will be lost when IDOT reconstructs Route 47.

NEW! 2011 Miscellaneous Bituminous Patching

This project consists of patching Game Farm Road, with focus on the section north of the Beecher Center. Construction is scheduled for summer while school is out of session. The patching work will maintain the roadway until the Game Farm/Somonauk reconstruction project begins in 2014.

NEW! Raintree Park B Playground and Tennis Court Construction

NEW! PW to Hot Patch

The City’s Public Works Department will hot patch various areas throughout town. Grade and gravel road shoulders. Assist contractor with large patching project by preparing areas, grading, and restoration if needed.

NEW! Landscape all sod damaged areas from snow plowing and water main breaks.

NEW! Sanitary sewer manhole rehab on Orange St. and the intersection of Van Emmon and Mill.

NEW! Continue to pruning parkway trees.

NEW! Clean all storm sewer catch basins and inlets north of the river and east of Rt 47.

Jet all the sanitary sewers in the older section of town both north and south of the river.

Proposed Bike/Pedestrian Trails go the referendum on April ballot

On Tuesday, Dec. 28 the United City of Yorkville City Council voted to place a referendum for bike and pedestrian trails on the April 2011 general election ballot as requested by the taxpayers by petition. The Yorkville city Council will be asking voters in April to decide if the City should issue up to $1 million in bonds to pay for bike and pedestrian trails in Yorkville.

City Receives Grants Funds for Kennedy Road Bike Trail Project

On Friday, Oct. 29 the city was awarded an Illinois Transportation Enhancement Project (ITEP) grant in the amount of $1,387,280 for three miles of shared-use bike trail along Kennedy Road, from Route 47 to Mill Road.This project is a primary goal in the city’s Integrated Transportation Plan and is the second-largest trail project on Yorkville’s list of six proposed trails.The trail is vital to linking Yorkville residents between the Park and Ride in Oswego, the Autumn Creek and Grande Reserve elementary schools, the city’s lighted regional baseball fields at Steven G. Bridge Park, commercial shopping, the post office, the REC Center, and for the planned Route 47 trail along Rt. 47 to downtown Yorkville.The overall project cost estimate is $1,744,600 for construction, engineering , and right-of-way costs. The City was awarded the federal share of 80 percent totaling $1,387,280. Under the terms of the grant, the city is expected to pay 20 percent for a total of $357,320.The City plans to apply for an Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Recreational Trail Grant to reduce the construction and engineering costs by 50 percent to $171,660.

Town Square Park Sidewalk Replacement

The sidewalks around Town Square Park are currently being replaced by the city's Public Works and Parks Department. The city-wide capital fund is paying for the project. The sidewalks on the north and south sides of the park were removed and new concrete was poured.

The United City Yorkville State Route Expansion and Reconstruction Timelines

The Illinois Department of Transportation has informed the City of expansion and reconstruction plans for three segments of Route 47, two segments of Route 34, and reconstruction of a portion of Route 71. The construction timelines listed below are preliminary and subject to change by IDOT. If you have any questions regarding any project listed below, contact the United City of Yorkville's Engineering Department at 630.553.8545. Once again, please note that all projects and schedules are preliminary and are subject to change based on funding or delays in design or land acquisition.

  • Rt. 71 Resurfacing Project-The resurfacing of Rt. 71 between Orchard Rd. and Route 126 is in the construction phase. The $800,000 project contract has been awarded and is scheduled for completion this year.
  • Rt. 47 between Rt. 71 and Carpenter St. (just south of Kennedy Rd.) is currently in Phase 2 (design engineering and land acquisition) and is scheduled for bid opening in the summer of 2011. Preliminary construction work such as temporary paving and some utility relocation will be constructed in 2011. Rt. 47 south of Landmark is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2012 and 2013; Rt. 47 north of Landmark and Rt. 34 from Center Parkway to Marketplace Drive is tentatively scheduled to be constructed in 2014.
  • Rt. 71 in Oswego between Rt. 34 and Orchard Rd. is currently in Phase 2 (design engineering and land acquisition) and is scheduled for big opening in 2012. IDOT anticipates that Rt. 34 will become an alternate traffic route for the Rt. 71 project, therefore construction will not begin on Rt. 34 until the Rt. 71 construction projects are completed.
  • Rt. 71 in Yorkville Between Rt. 47 and Orchard Rd. is currently in Phase 1 (preliminary engineering) and scheduled for bidding in 2013. IDOT anticipates that the project will take two years to complete.
  • Route 34 in Plano between Eldamain Rd., and the Foundry is currently in Phase 2 (design engineering and land acquisition) and is directly related to the Prairie Parkway project. Construction is scheduled to begin as early as 2011. This project will proceed even if construction of the Prairie Parkway is delayed.
  • Rt. 34 between Orchard Road and Rt. 47 is currently in Phase 2 (design engineering and land acquisition). The engineering plans will be complete by late 2012, however construction timing is contingent on progress with other area projects.
  • Rt. 47 between Caton Farm Rd. and Rt. 71 is currently in Phase 1 (preliminary engineering) and is schedule for bidding in 2013 with construction beginning in 2014.
  • Rt. 34 between Countryside Parkway and Cannonball Trail is nearing the completion of Phase 1. IDOT is completing Phase 1 of the project in-house. Construction could begin in 2014.

Reporting Property Maintenance Issues

To report unacceptable property conditions such as weeds (over 8 inches), grass unmowed, etc., please contact the city's Department of Building and Safety at 630.553.8545.

Grande Reserve Potholes

To report potholes in the Grande Reserve subdivision, contact city engineer Joe Wywrot at 630.553.8527.