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All maps listed below are available for download in PDF format. Printed copies may be purchased through the Community Development Department. Further map information can be found using the City's GIS Viewer.


PDF Viewer is required.


2009 Developments Map

30"x40" (3.4 MB)    8.5"x11" (1.5 MB)


2008 Land Use Map

42"x60" (6.2 MB)    11"x17" (2.2 MB)


2013 Street Map

30"x40" (1.75 MB)    11"x17" (750 KB)


Ward Maps

Ward 1 (478 KB)

Ward 2 (830 KB)

Ward 3 (550 KB)

Ward 4 (769 KB)

Citywide Ward Map (763 KB)

2015 Zoning Map 

30" x 40" (3.19 MB)  11"x17" (1.51 MB)


Google Earth KMZ

 Google Earth KMZ files allow you to view Yorkville GIS Data through Google Earth. Simply download the file

from the link listed below to your computer and double click on the file (be sure to have Google Earth installed first). There are multiple layers of data that can be displayed. Download Google Earth

Yorkville GIS - Nov 26, 2008.kmz (4.6 MB)


Updated: April 1, 2014