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United City of Yorkville Parks

The United City of Yorkville is proud of their parks. Progressive in nature, the Parks and Recreation department has created an integral system of parks throughout the city, each one having a unique characteristic or theme whether it's high adventure, sunflowers, farms or riding trains, our parks offer it all!

Try one or try them all! You can click here for the location of any park in the United City of Yorkville. (still need document to provide link to park locator). We're always looking for new ideas. If you have a new theme idea, call 630.553.4341 and share it with us.

Bristol Bay Park A is now complete!

Mayor Valerie Burd dedicated Yorkville's newest park on Wednesday, September 27 with over 100 residents attending the ribbon cutting ceremony. The circus theme park is located on 4432 Rosenwinkel Drive in the Bristol Bay subdivision and includes two play structures, swings, a shade structure, and a picnic are. Children will enjoy playing on the rings or eating a snack under the "Big Top."

Beecher Community Park
Beecher Park is over 22 acres of athletic fields, playgrounds and baseball fields. This park is the main setting for the majority of the summer athletic programs offered by the Recreation Department and Youth Sport Organizations and is also home to Yorkville's Hometown Days Festival.

Cobb Park
Cobb Park is a mini park that is less than a quarter of an acre. It has limited use and playground amenities because of the amount of space. It is utilized by the high density residential area surrounding the park.

Emily Sleezer Park
This new one-acre park is located in the center of a new housing development, with growing needs. This park was added in 2002 and includes a large multi-age playground, picnic tables, benches, landscaping, and half court basketball. The entrance to the park is through a trail system that extends throughout the development allowing for easy access.

Fox Hill
Fox Hill development has two park sites. One site at the entrance of the housing development has a multi-age playground, basketball court, trail system and open field area that has been utilized for a youth soccer practice field. The second area, which consists of 19 acres with a combination of active use and open space, is still undeveloped. Future concept plans are underway for the development of the active use area.

Prairie Park
Prairie Park is the oldest neighborhood park, consisting of 1.6 acres. This park serves a large neighborhood region with a multi-age playground, accessible swing, picnic tables, and park bench. In addition, there is a dry detention are adjacent to the park that is used for informal youth practices for baseball and soccer. Several trees are planted at this site as part of the tree donation program (provide link to tree donation program).

Price Park
Price Park is located in large subdivision on the south end of town. This three-quarter of an acre park is popular with both Yorkville residents and the surround communities. This park consists of a multi-age playground, tables, park benches, swings, half court basketball and a walkway surrounding the park. There is a retention area adjacent to the park that is maintained by the Parks Department, with additional development plans to establish some primitive plantings and natural areas to enhance the ecological and wildlife within this area.

Purcell Park
A small neighborhood park located on a corner east of 47 and Cannonball Trail, this park is targeted for preschoolers. With a small tot lot and swings, this park provides walking access for residents surrounding the park.

Bicentennial Riverfront ParkParks
Bicentennial Riverfront Park was reconstructed through the dedication and expertise of community volunteers. Located at the Fox River on Hydraulic Street, this park is a favorite of visitors and residents during the summertime months. This park provides fishing access to the Fox River in a beautifully landscaped setting, playground, small picnic shelters and walkway areas.

Town Square
Located in the heart of the downtown area, this two-acre park is located along route 47 and is highly visible to visitors and residents. This park hosts several seasonal events and rental opportunities with a large "Gazebo" shelter and well groomed landscaping. This park also is the prime site for the tree donation program. Town Square is also host to the American Legion Perpetual Flame in recognition to the veterans.

Van Emmon Memorial Park
This local ball field park is the true representation of a hometown feel. With a grass infield, this ballpark is a picturesque setting for the youth. Future enhancements to this park include paved parking areas, permanent bleachers, additional landscaping buffers, and minor improvements to ball field layouts.

Rice Park
Rice Park is located in the Fox Hills Subdivision. This park is a big wheel theme park. The park includes such amenities as an interactive fuel filling station, a working parking meter, and a double sided stop and go light. The park also houses a shelter, funnel ball game, two spring riders and swings.

Cannonball Ridge Park
To keep with the name of the Cannonball Estates subdivision this park has a Civil War theme. The park is complete with a Civil War style fence, stone walls, and prairie grass. The park has a triple basketball court, two play structures, and a grind box and rail for the area skateboarders.

Rotary Park
This park is located in the Grand Reserve Subdivision. This park is for the adventurer in all of us. It includes a 90ft cable ride, a climbing wall, and a skate area complete with two skate boxes, and a concrete start ramp. There is also a walking path and a bike rack.

Sunflower Park
The country is never too far away at Sunflower Park. This park has a barnyard theme which comes complete with a cow, barn styled shelter,

and a farm theme playground. The park also includes a swing set with

four-bucket swings, four belt swings, two spring riders and much more.

Gilbert Park
This park went through a complete renovation in 2005. This neighborhood park is now complete with a Tree Top theme playground.

Kiwanis Park
This park is located in the Country Hills subdivision. The park has a half court basketball hoop complete with the Kiwanis logo. The park includes a shelter, a timber cabin playground and a swing set. For those who enjoy a quiet stroll around the park there is also a walking path.

Hiding Spot Park
Hiding Spot Park is a mini park that is less than an acre. It has limited use and playground amenities. The high-density residential area surrounding the park utilizes it.

West Hydraulic Park

Located on W. Hydraulic Street, this park is a mini park on 0.7 acres, featuring natural and picnic areas.


Rivers Edge Park

River’s Edge Park is a mini park located on Stony Creek and Windham, featuring a half acre of open space for multipurpose use.


Crawford Park

Crawford Park, located on Windham Circle, features a natural theme and six acres of natural areas and walking paths/trails.


Whispering Meadows

Whispering Meadows park features a unique train theme. It is a community park with a school/park site, accessible off of Wissmiller Road. Its 12 acres feature baseball and softball diamonds, a BMX track, playground and picnic areas, pavilion/shelter, open space, trails/paths, and off-street parking. It is also wheelchair accessible.


Hoover Educational Center

Hoover Educational Center is located on Fox Road and is a regional park, part of a forest preserve district. It features a baseball/softball diamond, access to fishing, multipurpose open space, natural areas, picnic areas, and off-street parking.


Jaycee Pond

Jaycee Pond located on Center Street features fishing, natural areas, and a picnic area.


Raintree Village Park A

Featuring a unique dinosaur theme, Raintree Village Park A is a mini park located on Parkside Lane. It has a playground including a sand area, picnic areas, and trails/paths.


Steven G. Bridge Park

Steven G. Bridge Park features a unique baseball theme and spans 56 acres. It is an athletic complex/regional park featuring baseball and softball diamonds, concessions, a playground and picnic area, a pavilion/shelter, restrooms, and off-street parking. It is also has natural resource areas. It is accessible off of Kennedy Road.


Stepping Stones Park

Featuring a unique school theme, Stepping Stones Park is located on Grande Trail and is a school/neighborhood park. It features natural areas, playground and picnic areas, off-street parking, a soccer field, pavilion/shelter, and is wheelchair accessible.


Wheaton Woods

On Wheaton Avenue, Wheaton Woods is five acres of natural areas.


Autumn Creek Park A

Autumn Creek Park A features a transportation theme. It features a playground and picnic area, as well as open space, trails, a shelter/pavilion, unique skateboard elements and a sled hill. It is located on Autumn Creek Blvd.


Riemenschneider Park

This park features a firefighter theme, and includes baseball/softball diamonds, multipurpose open space, playground and picnic areas, shelter, and trails/paths. It is located on Hayden & McHugh Drives.


Grande Reserve Park A

Featuring a treehouse theme, Grande Reserve Park A features funnelball, playground and picnic areas, a sand feature, shelter/pavilion, and trails/paths. It is located on Tuscany Trail and Shoeger Dr. in Grande Reserve.


Grande Reserve Park B

Grande Reserve Park B features 8.8 acres of playground and picnic areas, disc golf, tetherball, trails/paths, and a shelter/pavilion. It is located off of Beresford and Bissel Drives.


Heartland Circle Park

Featuring a unique space theme, Heartland Circle Park includes a basketball court, playground with sand feature, open space, shelter/pavilion, and trails/paths. It is located on Taus Circle in Heartland Circle.