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Green Links

The links listed below have been recommended by the city's Green Committee as websites that do an exceptional job promoting the environment and offering information for a greener lifestyle. The Kendall County Health Department also publishes their own 'Green Pages.' Download a copy of the 'Green Pages' here.

This page is also a resource for additional recycling programs and organizations that promote reusing products, composting products, and other materials. 

General information recycling sites

Recycling Guides and Information - An Expert's Guide to Recycling Appliances and Electronics - Appliance and Electronics Recycling Guide - A Kid's Guide to Recycling - A Guide to Recycling Electronics - A Guide to Turning Your Home Green

Reuse Organizations (Also known as SCARCE-School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education)

Electronics Programs and Additional Recycling Centers

Composting Products, Information and Materials

Yorkville does not endorse any private company that is linked from this site.