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United City of Yorkville Government

American Flag PhotoThe United City of Yorkville is a mayor-council form of government and utilizes an appointed city administrator to manage the daily integral workings of city government. The mayor's role in this form of government is to preside at all City Council meetings and cast a vote in the event that a tie occurs. In addition to many responsibilities, the mayor is the primary liaison with local, state and federal governmental bodies and also provides executive leadership to the council.

The Yorkville City Council comprises eight aldermen from four wards within the city. Yorkville is a non-home rule community. The City Council is responsible for policy-making and leadership that directs the city government to meet the needs and wants of its residents. In addition to policy making, the council is responsible for approving the budget, determining the tax rate, setting goals, and formulating long-term policies that shape the city's public function.

There is also an elected city treasurer and city clerk that preside at all city council meetings.

Elected officials attend several meetings each month - two City Council meetings and two assigned committee meetings. City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of the month.

Elected officials also attend other committee meetings as assigned. Each alderman is assigned to be on two of four different standing committees that includes the Public Works Committee, the Administration Committee, the Economic Development Committee and the Public Safety Committee. The United City of Yorkville has additional committees that elected officials serve as a liaisons.