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In September 2006, the United City of Yorkville undertook the project of creating a GIS (Geographic Information System). This GIS would allow the city to create custom maps based upon growing needs within all departments. Simply put, a Geographic Information System is a "smart map" that allows information to be tied into geographic features such as rivers, streets, utilities....the possibilities are endless.

This undertaking has led to the release of an online GIS Viewer that will allow residents, city employees, private contractors or anyone with an internet connection to view the United City of Yorkville's GIS in a limited capacity. With data such as a "Development Status" layer, residents will be able to see where new developments could/will be located and in what stage each development is in. Residents will also be able to locate where parks are throughout the city and be able to identify what amenities each park has to offer. Address and street searches are also possible through the GIS viewer or you can even look at your backyard via April 2009 Aerial Photography provided by Kendall County's GIS.

To open the GIS Viewer, click on the link below. A cable or DSL internet connection is recommended. A link to a help file and FAQ is also located below. Please realize that the GIS is still under construction so there will be gaps in the city's data that needs to be added.

GIS Viewer

GIS Viewer Help