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The United City of Yorkville is proud of their parks. Progressive in nature, the Parks and Recreation department has created an integral system of parks throughout the city, each one having a unique characteristic or theme whether it's high adventure, sunflowers, farms, music, or riding trains, our parks offer it all!

Try one or try them all! You can click here for a map showing the location of any park in the United City of Yorkville. The matrix provides a list of amenities at each facility and the park addresses. Want to find a playspace? Go to and click the link 'find a playspace'. Feel free to comment on the playground you visit!

Name a Park
There are several parks that still need naming. If you have an idea or a name you can fill out the Park Naming application and mail or stop by the Parks and Recreation office at the ARC Building at 201 W. Hydraulic Ave, Yorkville with your completed form.




Beecher Community Park - 901 Game Farm Road
Beecher Park is over 22 acres and is the location of several baseball fields and a playground. A walkway around the play area, beautiful shade trees to sit under, and permanent picnic tables are a great place to enjoy your picnic lunch. This park is the site of the annual Hometown Days Festival held Labor Day weekend.


Bicentennial Riverfront Park - 301 E. Hydraulic Avenue

The park, located along Hydraulic Avenue and the Fox River, is a favorite of visitors and residents during the summertime months. The Marge Cline Whitewater Course allows river travelers to bybass the Glen Palmer Dam.

CONGRATULATIONS! Yorkville received a 2013 IDNR OSLAD (Open Space Land Acquisition and Development) Grant for Riverfront Park! Click here to read the press release. Improvements included in the conceptual design are a new playground, trail, fishing pier, boat launch, canoe beach, port-o-let shelter, rinse-off shower, civic lawn, and memorial area.


Bristol Bay 65 - Bristol Bay Drive

The site of Yorkville's soccer program, this 65 acre park is in the northern part of Yorkville. One baseball field also is located at this site. A conceptual plan shows the 2008 design for the regional park.

Bristol Bay Park A - 4552 Rosenwinkel Street. This circus-themed park is located adjacent to the Bristol Bay Clubhouse. An age 2-5 play structure andan age 5-12 play structure for children's circus performances, as well as swings, a shade structure for picnics, and landscaping were installed in just one day! THANK YOU to our volunteers and local businesses!


Bristol Station Park - 2753 Alan Dale Lane
Near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, this train themed park let children be the conductors! The playground consists of a “water tower” play structure, a playground with a climbing wall, several slides, and wheelchair access onto a 3’ (three foot) high deck. A challenge course provides an opportunity to test strength and agility. The tot area consists of two tot swings and a play structure with a train engine, two cars, and a caboose! A large shelter and entrance arch add to the overall train theme. A ball field, walking trail, and native landscaping are also included as part of the design.


Caledonia Park - 354 Shadow Wood Drive

This 5 acre park is currently a grass field for unstructured play. 


Cannonball Ridge Park - 2087 Northland Lane
To keep with the name of the Cannonball Estates subdivision, this park has a Civil War theme. The park is complete with a Civil War style fence, stone walls, and prairie grass. The park has a triple basketball court, two play structures, and a grind box and rail for the area skateboarders. The adjacent land has recently been graded for a baseball field and sledding hill. A new baseball field and backstop were built in 2014.

Clark Park - 106 East Main Street

This natural area is open for those who wish to catch a glimpse of deer or wild turkeys right in downtown Yorkville! It is a wooded preserve with plenty of wildflowers, large trees, and wildlife! The banks of the Fox River are open for fishing from this park. A picturesque view of the Glen Palmer Dam and Marge Cline Whitewater Chute can be seen from the shoreline.  Thanks to a 2014 RTP Grant, this park has a new shelter and wood chipped pathway. There is off street parking at this park.


Cobb Park - 109 Colonial Parkway
Cobb Park, located on Colonial Parkway, was built on July 26th, 2008 through the help of volunteers at Yorkville's Second Annual Community Build. The park now has an age 2-5 play structure with a rock wall and roofs, climbing net, age 5- 12 play structure with new swings, a sky runner and a picnic area. Thank you to our volunteers and the generous donations from area businesses!


Crawford Park - 201 Windham Circle
This park is located just north of Rice Park across the railroad tracks in the River's Edge Subdivision. This park has a short trail right along the river and a beautiful natural passive area to walk through that connects by bridge to the Hoover Forest Preserve.


Emily Sleezer Park - 837 Homestead Drive
This .25 acre park is located in the center of a new housing development, with growing needs. This park was added in 2002 and includes a large multi-age playground, picnic tables, benches, landscaping, and half court basketball. The entrance to the park is through a trail system that extends throughout the development allowing for easy access.


Fox Hill East - 1474 Sycamore Road and Fox Hill West - 1711 John Street
Fox Hill development has two park sites. One site at the entrance of the housing development has a multi-age playground, basketball court, trail system and open field area that has been utilized for a youth soccer practice field.

The second area, which consists of 18 acres with a combination of active use and open space, has a trail, baseball field, and disc golf course. This 12 hole course is set in the natural area near the Rob Roy Creek and provides fun for all ages!


Gilbert Park - 703 Adrian Street
This neighborhood park is now complete with a Tree Top themed playground and sitting area.

Grande Reserve Park A
This area is an open grass field waiting for a pickup baseball game! No formal park development has occurred on this site.


Grande Reserve Park B
A castle theme playground was constructed in October 2014.


Green's Filling Station Park - 2736 Autumn Creek Blvd.
A seven acre transportation themed park located in the Autumn Creek development, this play space can guarantee fun for all ages! The park has two separate play structures, a mini-skate park, sledding hill, and asphalt path. The shelter is complete with two gas pumps for the little driver to fill up their tank. The age 5 to 12 play structure has overhead climbing events, and children ages 2 to 5 can play on the truck and car play structures, and several swings are surrounded by an asphalt path striped like a road.


Hiding Spot Park (formerly Prairie Park) - 307 Park Street
At approximately 1.6 acres, this park has Yorkville's music themed playground equipment, shelter, benches, and picnic table, two bocce ball courts and an open play area. The music theme promotes interactive play between children of all abilities. One of the most unique features of this park is the accessibility by wheelchair to a 5' high deck! Several trees are planted at this site as part of the tree donation program.


As Yorkville's first community build, on August 18th, 2007, over 100 volunteers from the community came out to help build this park. Thank you to all those who donated materials and their time. We appreciate it! Click here for a photo of the new park.


CONGRATULATIONS! Illinois Park and Recreation Association's 2007 Outstanding Facility & Parks Award - Division II, went to Hiding Spot Park! Thanks to all those who made this project possible.


Jaycee Pond - 410 West Center Street
This park has a pond for fishing and the dam was recently removed, returning the creek to its original state.


Junior Women's Club Park at Heartland Circle - 1267 Taus Circle
3...2...1...Blast off! This space themed park is complete with a 30' high rocket ship where kids can travel into outer limits of space. A sitting area and sandbox surround the playground and swings. The shelter, to be built in the spring, will be a 'Mission Control' station for the rocket ship. A 3 hoop basketball court and mini-skate bowl are also located at this park. Newly added to the park is a "Merry-go-all", an all-inclusive merry-go-round that children of all abilities can enjoy!


Kiwanis Park - 1809 Country Hills Drive
This park is located in the Country Hills subdivision. The park has a half court basketball hoop complete with the Kiwanis logo. The park includes a shelter, a timber cabin playground and a swing set. For those who enjoy a quiet stroll around the park there is also a walking path.


Price Park - 525 Burning Bush Drive
Price Park is located in a large subdivision on the south end of town. This park consists of a multi-age playground, tables, park benches, swings, half court basketball and a walkway surrounding the park.


Purcell Park - 325 Fairhaven Drive
A small neighborhood park located on a corner east of 47 and Cannonball Trail perfect for preschoolers. With a small tot lot and swings, this park provides walking access for residents surrounding the park.


Raintree Village Park A - 524 Parkside Lane
A dinosaur themed mini park on a one-acre site is located just east of the Raintree Village subdivision clubhouse. Four tot swings, an age 2-5 playstructure with a tiki hut, dinosaurs to climb, and slides await the children! Discover fossil prints in the sidewalk, but more adventurous children can dig in the sandbox to find a large dinosaur fossil! Click here to see a photo from the park party!


Raintree Village Park B - 872 Prairie Crossing Drive

Constructed through an IDNR OSLAD Grant received in 2008, the subdivision at Raintree Village has a second park located off of Prairie Crossing Drive next to the school site and the water tower. The age 5-12 playground is a castle theme complete with an imaginary moat! A walking path winds around the park, allowing pedestrians to access the four lighted tennis courts that are open and ready for use. Other elements to the park include a challenge or exercise hill, a small parking area for tennis users, and a shelter at the playground. Click here to see the castle themed play structure!


Raintree Village Park C - Goldfinch Ave.

This grass site is a great place to take a picnic lunch!


Rice Park - 545 Poplar Drive
Rice Park is located in the River's Edge Subdivision. This park is a transportation themed park. The park includes such amenities as an interactive fuel filling station, a working parking meter, and a double sided stop and go light. The park also houses a shelter, funnel ball game, two spring riders and swings.


Riverfront Park (see above under Bicentennial Riverfront Park)


Riemenschneider Park - 600 Hayden Drive
Riemenschneider Park, located in the Prairie Meadows development, is a Fire-house themed park on Hayden Road, just south of the Bristol-Kendall Fire Department Station No. 2 located on Kennedy Road. A 2007 Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) grant recipient in the amount of $400,000, the 8 acre park includes two (2) baseball fields, fire-truck themed tot lot, age 5-12 play structure, swings, shelter, a perimeter walking path, and multipurpose open space.

A special feature for this park, hoses from a water tower spray feature will keep the neighborhood children cool on a hot summer day! Click here to see the spray space.


Rivers Edge Park - 974 Stony Creek Lane
This small park off of Fox Road is not yet developed. The conceptual plan is to have a sitting area with landscaping that will provide a serene atmosphere for local residents.


Rotary Park - 2775 Grande Trail
This park is located in the Grande Reserve Subdivision. This park is for the adventurer in all of us. It includes a 90ft cable ride, a climbing wall, a skate area complete with two skate boxes, and a concrete start ramp. There is also a walking path and a bike rack.


Sunflower Park - 1765 Walsh Drive
The country is never too far away at Sunflower Park. This park has a barnyard theme which comes complete with a cow, barn styled shelter, and a farm themed playground. The park also includes a swing set with four bucket swings, four belt swings, two spring riders and three (3) basketball courts.


Stepping Stones Park - 3152 Grande Trail
This school themed design is next door to the Grande Reserve Elementary School. The playground is 100% wheelchair accessible, and an exciting 18' high climbing net provides extreme adventures. Other amenities include a shelter and walking path that meanders through the naturalized detention basins.


Steven G. Bridge Park - 3651 Kennedy Road
Located North on Kennedy at the intersection of Mill St., the Steven G. Bridge Park contains a three field lighted ball field complex with a concession stand, baseball themed play structure and plenty of parking! Also included in this area are naturalized detention basins to provide storm water detention. Need directions? Click here for a map of the field locations.


Town Square - 301 North Bridge Street (Rout 47)
Located in the heart of downtown Yorkville, this two-acre park is located adjacent to Route 47 and is highly visible to visitors and residents. This park hosts several seasonal events and rental opportunities with a large "Gazebo" shelter and well groomed landscaping. Town Square is also host to the American Legion Perpetual Flame in recognition to the veterans.


Van Emmon Park - 374 East Van Emmon Road
This local ball field park is the true representation of a hometown feel. With a grass infield, this ballpark is a picturesque setting for the youth.


West Hydraulic Park - West Hydraulic Street
This small natural area provides a serene picnic area right along the Fox River just west of Route 47.

Wheaton Woods Park - 205 Boombah Avenue

This 5 acre wooded parcel is the perfect spot to sit under the shelter and have a picnic lunch and walk the wood chip trail. This park was created though an IDNR RTP Grant received in 2008 and staff's hard work!



Yorkville's trail system exists in several developments including Autumn Creek, Bristol Bay, Fox Hill, Grande Reserve, Heartland, Heartland Circle, Raintree Village, and Windett Ridge. As Yorkville grows, the trails will connect existing and future developments providing a network on alternative transportation routes.

The City Council has voted to fund trail construction on Route 47 and Route 71 through IDOT's roadway construction of those highways. IDOT will pay 80% of the cost and the City will pay 20% of the cost. The City Council voted to accept the $1.7 million Kennedy Road Illinois Transportation Enhancement Project Grant and a non-profit group Push for the Path has been established to raise the funds for the City's 20% of this project.

See the Community Development Department webpage for information on the Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP) which focuses on off-road transportation and our downtown design elements.

To meet the need for pedestrian paths, we are working with developers, road-improvement projects, and applying for grants to help fund trail projects. Please feel free to call City Hall 630.553.4350 with any questions