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CommunityThe Community Relations office of the United City of Yorkville strives to increase community awareness and involvement in programs, services and community events. The Community Relations Office primary responsibility is to provide information to residents, public officials, the business community and city employees by utilizing all forms of communication including the Web site, broadcast media and printed materials.

The Community Relations office is responsible for publishing and distributing the city's newsletter, marketing brochures, pamphlets, the city's Annual Service Report and New Resident packets. It also updates the city's Web site, writes media releases and feature stories, executes community surveys, manages city events and promotes community organizations and volunteering opportunities.

If you are new, moving to Yorkville or are a seasoned veteran, our resident packets are filled with everything there is to know about the United City of Yorkville. The packets contain the following: Mayor's message and utility billing, the city newsletter, a recycling newsletter and information, a residential development key, a United City of Yorkville map, a Chamber of Commerce Business Directory, school district news, an event calendar and Veolia Environmental Refuse Collection information.

If you would like the entire packet, they are available by stopping by City Hall at 800 Game Farm Road or by calling 630.553.4350. If you are a developer and would like several copies, please give us 3-5 days to honor your request.

In addition the Community Relations office is responsible for the taping and airing of city council meetings for resident viewing on FVTV cable channel 17. Replays of the meetings are run on the Thursday evening following each meeting at 8:00 p.m. and on Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. A schedule of FVTV programming is available at

Community Relations updates time sensitive information on the city's Web site and on WSPY radio (107.1). If you missed the morning broadcast now you can click on the following link and hear all of Yorkville's latest news: WSPY-FM. Also, community events and other news relating to the city of Yorkville can be located in the Kendall County Record Newspaper or in the Beacon News. For all news relating to the Yorkville community visit YorkvillePatch.